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Southwest Division Goals

Mission Statement

To reduce crime and traffic collisions, to provide the highest standard of law enforcement service, and to improve the quality of life in Southwest Area for those we serve and our employees. We will do this in partnership with the community.


The Southwest Area Management Team worked to develop a work plan and set realistic goals for the Southwest Area. We believe this plan will help us to achieve our goals. By providing our personnel with annually established goals and objectives to achieve, we feel we ensure our contribution to Community Based Policing and quality service to the community. The Management Team developed the following goals:

▪ Reduce crime by 5%,
▪ Reduce serious and fatal traffic collisions by 5%,
▪ Reduce personnel complaints by 5%,
▪ Increase the clearance rate for violent crimes by 10%,
▪ Reduce the detectives’ backlog to less than 150 cases,
▪ Increase the detectives’ participation with the community, and;
▪ Implement the department’s new mission statement.