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Traffic Coordination Section

Traffic Coordination Section (TCS)
100 West 1st Street, 4th Floor

Traffic Coordination Section, within the Emergency Operations Division provides support and administrative services related to traffic issues.  TCS is comprised of the Traffic Analytical Unit, and the Multi-Discipline Collision Investigation Team (MCIT). Captain Fontanetta is the commanding officer.

Traffic Analytical Unit
100 West 1st Street, 4th Floor

The Traffic Analytical Unit is responsible for the following:

  • Conducting traffic related research
  • Analyzing traffic legislation and court decisions
  • Proposing additions and amendments to the California Vehicle Code
  • Preparing annual budget for the Department's traffic functions
  • Liaisons with Department of Transportation (DOT), California Highway Patrol (CHP), and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • Emergency Driving-Under-the-Influence Cost Recovery Program
  • Grant programs such as: California Office of Traffic Safety and Photo Red-Light/Electronic Traffic Enforcement
  • Department Fleet Safety Programs
  • Providing Fleet Safety information to TEAMS
  • Publishing monthly Total Resources Attack on Fatalities (TRAF) Bulletin
  • Liaison with CHP and DMV to correct officers' driving history
  • Liaison with DOT regarding T/C data
  • Maintaining and providing traffic statistics
  • Coordinating all facets of the Radar Program (including staff research, legislation analysis, and proposing amendments to the California Vehicle Code)
  • Preparing annual budget for new radar and maintenance
  • Conducting 16-hour POST Laser School

Multi-Discipline Collision Investigation Team
100 West 1st Street, 4th Floor
The Multi-Discipline Collision Investigation Team is responsible for the following:

  • Maintaining the Department Traffic Manual
  • Completing traffic collision reconstructions
  • Providing expert testimony
  • Conducting 40-hour POST Basic, Intermediate, and Enhanced Collision Investigation (CI) School
  • Traffic Trainee Test Administration
  • Roll-Call and training day instruction
  • On-call availability to investigate T/C's that meet MCIT criteria
  • Conduct compelled interviews of Department employees involved in T/C’s on MCIT call-outs
  • Investigate traffic-related crimes on MCIT call-outs