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Topanga News

12/11/17 - Topanga Division And “Target Store” Team Up for A Shoe Give Away NA17210sr

11/30/17 - Who is the Penny-Pincher Bandit? NR17355pv

11/17/17 - Topanga Cares NA17194dm

10/18/17 - Prolific Ghost Burglar NR17309pv

08/02/17 - Fatal Hit and Run Traffic Collision NR17229ml

07/26/17 - LAPD Asks for the Public’s Help in Locating San Fernando Valley Burglary Suspects NR17227ma

07/18/17 - Can You ID the Oceans Eleven Bandit? NR17211ti

06/16/17 - Suspects Arrested for Homicide in Woodland Hills NR17184aj

05/26/17 - Fatal Hit and Run Traffic Collision NR17155jh

05/19/17 - Tunneling Burglars Caught on Tape NR17147pv

05/18/17 - Grand Theft Suspect Wanted NR17146aj

05/17/17 - Fatal Traffic Collision in Canoga Park NR17143aj

02/24/17 - Were You a Victim of This Robbery Suspect?

02/06/17 - Tradesmen’s Vans Targeted for Tools NR17039pv

01/24/17 - Woodland Hills Homicide NR17028lp

01/04/17 - Etiquette Lessons for Kids, If You Please NA17002pv

01/03/17 - LAPD Topanga Division Adopts Homeless Family NA16389aj

12/12/16 - Fatal Stabbing of a 21-year-old Man NR16382jh

11/15/16 - LAPD Officers Save Life of 80s Rapper NR16344pv

11/08/16 - 67-Year-Old Missing Man NR16332ne

11/07/16 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NR16226ne

10/26/16 - Double Shooting in Winnetka NR16332pv

10/24/16 - Double Shooting in Winnetka NR16332pv

09/30/16 - What’s the Cost of Organized Retail Crime? NR16307pv

09/22/16 - Topanga Division Fundraiser NA16204lp

09/14/16 - Motive Unknown: Murder Victim Knew His Assailants NR16288pv

06/27/16 - Fatal Traffic Collision in Woodland Hills NR16205ml

06/15/16 - 21-Year-Old Critical Missing Woman NR16196aj

06/07/16 - Shooting in the Topanga Area Results in Two Deaths NR16190lp

05/12/16 - Fatal Hit and Run in Topanga NR16164rmh

04/11/16 - LAPD Celebrates National Dispatchers’ Week NA16054aj

03/17/16 - Narcotics Investigation Results in Seizure and Arrests NR16103ml

02/15/16 - Hit and Run of Pedestrian in Canoga Park NR16049aj

01/20/16 - Suspect Wanted in Valley Area Double Homicide NR16015lp

01/20/16 - Missing 35-Year-Old Female NR16016mjl

01/18/16 - Suspect Wanted in Valley Area Double Homicide NR16015lp

01/14/16 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols NA16001ml

12/28/15 - Man Killed in the Valley Area NR15932rh

12/10/15 - Identity Theft Suspect Sought NR15915DM

11/13/15 - LAPD Surprises 93-year-old Grandmother NA15217jk

11/03/15 - Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, & Robbery Suspects Arrested NR15876ml

10/30/15 - Office Burglary Suspects Caught on Surveillance Video NR15870ne

10/07/15 - Stray Bullet Kills Innocent Bystander Caught in Gang Crossfire NR15345lp

09/22/15 - Suspect Sought in Theft Packages NR15322rh

09/15/15 - Office Creeper Burglar Caught on Video NR15132lp

06/22/15 - Burglary Suspects Target Asian and Middle Eastern Family Homes NR15209ml

06/22/15 - 67-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR15210ne

05/29/15 - Armed and Dangerous Gangsters on a Crime Spree Captured NR15185jr

04/07/15 - Surveillance Footage Captures Carjacking at a Gas Station NR15114SF

03/25/15 - LAPD DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NA15047rh

03/19/15 - Suspect Assaults Father and Points Gun at Officers NRF022-15jk

03/19/15 - LAPD Operations-Valley Bureau Community-Police Advisory Board Summit NA15041lp

02/06/15 - Law Enforcement Monitors Parolees NR15042nv

12/16/14 - 14-Year Old Juvenile Arrested for Attempt Rape NR14472jr

11/17/14 - Informative Community Forum Regarding AB60, The New Law to License Undocumented Residents

11/14/14 - Suspect Arrested for Woodland Hills Murder NR14439dm

11/07/14 - Topanga Area Youth Center Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony NA14206ne

10/25/14 - LAPD Topanga Division Youth Programs Golf Tournament NA14196NV

09/18/14 - 55-Year-Old Missing Female NR14346dm

08/26/14 - Community Forum Regarding Licensing of Undocumented Residents NA14147sm

08/19/14 - Deputy Chief Jorge Villegas will host an evening of dialogue with the Latino Community NA14141lp

08/11/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Malibu NR14289jk

07/07/14 - Detectives Need the Public’s Help to Identify Robbery Suspect NR14259dm

06/03/14 - Officers Saved Woman from a Burning Apartment NR14209nv

05/19/14 - LAPD Detectives Seeking Public Assistance to Identify Stolen/Recovered Property NA14095bb

04/28/14 - Robbery Suspects Caught on Video NR14168sm

03/25/14 - Pedestrian Safety and Crosswalk Enforcement Operation NA14045rh

03/06/14 - Join Topanga Area’s Open House and The Unveiling of LAPD Topanga Division Little Free Library NA14032sm

02/25/14 - 74-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR14084an

02/25/14 - 74-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR14084an

01/10/14 - Domestic Violence Leaves Two Dead in the Valley NR14014gb

12/15/13 - Officer Involved Shooting in Topanga NR13549an

12/06/13 - 30-Year-Old Missing Man NR13522gb

08/19/13 - Suspect Sought in Animal Cruelty Incident NR 13392js

08/13/13 - Suspect Wanted for Taking “Up-Skirt” Pictures of Young Girls

08/06/13 - Detectives Arrest Man for Inappropriate Relationship with a 15-year-old NR13262SF

07/08/13 - Kidnap – Sexual Assault NR13230st

06/17/13 - West Hills Resident Murdered Outside Her Home NR13202df

05/09/13 - 20-Year-Old Missing Woman from Los Angeles NR13157cj

05/08/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Topanga NR13154sp

05/03/13 - Motorcyclist Dies in Collision at Winnetka Intersection NR13141df

03/13/13 - 87-Year-Old Missing Man NR13078df

03/08/13 - Burglary at a High-End Handbag Store NR13072cn

03/04/13 - LAPD Topanga Area Officers Play Pivotal Role in Reviving a 75-Year-Old Woman NR13063cj

01/16/13 - Crime Fighting Surveillance Camera System Goes Live in the West San Fernando Valley NA13010cn

12/12/12 - Job Application Bandit NR12567LG

12/03/12 - 9th Annual Motor4Toys Charity Toy Drive NA12246ne

11/19/12 - 9th Annual Motor4Toys Charity Toy Run NA12245ne

11/03/12 - Detectives Investigate a Case of Murder/Suicide in Topanga Division NR12505rh

10/31/12 - Search Warrants Served, Arrests Made at Medical Marijuana Dispensary NR12497cj

10/23/12 - LAPD Topanga Area Restores Native California Landscape NA12231rf

10/22/12 - Woman Killed in Traffic Collision; Driver Arrested NR12484cj

10/19/12 - Suspect in Stolen Vehicle Strikes and Kills Pedestrian NR12481cn

09/27/12 - Man and Woman Killed in Traffic Collision NR12453cj

09/07/12 - Salute to Kids

08/31/12 - Search Warrant Served, Arrests Made at Medical Marijuana Dispensary NR12417cj

08/29/12 - Medical Marijuana Dispensary Operating Illegally Arrests Made and Evidence Seized NR12411kr

08/21/12 - Suspicious Death Investigation Results in Murder Arrest Suspect Apprehended in New York City NR12395rf

08/09/12 - Man Kills 13-Year-old Boy with Heroin Overdose NR12381rf

08/02/12 - Warrants Served, Arrest Made at Medical Marijuana Dispensary NR12368kr

07/21/12 - Counterfeiting Investigation and Arrest NR12342ne

07/12/12 - Warrants Served/Arrest Made at Medical Marijuana Dispensary in San Fernando Valley NR12324SF

06/20/12 - Warrants Served, Arrests Made at Two Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and a Residence NR12281kr

06/20/12 - Topanga Area Medical Marijuana Bust

06/20/12 - LAPD Topanga Division Announces Native Landscaping Project Community Partnership to Maintain Eco-Friendly Garden Includes Student Workers NA12130rf

06/11/12 - 18-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR12268wr

01/24/12 - Search for Weapon used in Murder of Francisco Rodriguez

01/17/12 - Topanga Area Announce Arrest

01/12/12 - High School Soccer Player Killed in Winnetka, Detectives Need the Public’s Help to Identify the Suspect(s) NR12016SF

01/06/12 - Suspect Lunges at Officers with a Knife Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs NR12009rf

12/23/11 - Police Seek Witnesses to Fatal Traffic Collision NR11596rf

12/12/11 - Murder Suspects Arrested NR11571gb

12/07/11 - Health Net To Host 20th Annual Celebration Of Children NR11273mjf

11/30/11 - Children’s Talent Agent Arrested for Child Molestation NR11563kr

11/30/11 - 8th Annual Motor4Toys Charity Toy Drive

11/22/11 - “Lock It, Hide It, Keep It” Holiday Reminders and Third Row Seat Protection Tips

11/17/11 - 8th Annual Motor4Toys Charity Toy Run

10/25/11 - Thieves take Luggage Containing Family Member’s Ashes NR11504kr

10/11/11 - 91-year-old Man Missing NR11471cj

09/26/11 - Attempt Murder Suspect Aims Guns at Officers; Results in Officer-Involved Shooting NR11446mjf

09/08/11 - News Conference & Enforcement Operation – Crossing Guard and Pedestrian Safety; and, Return to School Safety Tips

08/12/11 - Los Angeles Police Department Investigates the Death of Rock Star NR11373SF

08/10/11 - Motorcyclist Killed in Solo Crash NR11371kr

07/16/11 - Pedestrian Killed in Unmarked Crosswalk NR11324kr

07/11/11 - Suspect Struggles with Officers after Arrest NR11316kr

07/11/11 - Elderly Man Dies in Jail Cell NR11317ne

06/17/11 - Burglary Suspect Detained NR11276rh

06/15/11 - Woman Killed, Suspect Surrendered to Authorities NR11273rh

05/27/11 - Child Safety Seat Check Up Event NR11127ne

05/26/11 - Missing Person Valencia Satterwhite NR11248ne

05/20/11 - Woman Seriously Injured in Traffic Collision Traffic Detectives Seek Incident Witnesses NR11239rf

05/19/11 - 71-Year-Old Bicyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run Collision NR11238gb

05/18/11 - Sobriety and Driver’s License Checkpoint NA11115bb

04/27/11 - 1978 Cold Case Murder Solved NR11183kr

03/10/11 - Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck Statement on Filing of Charges Against School Police Officer NR11108kr

03/10/11 - Distraction Burglars Targeting the Elderly NR11104kr

02/24/11 - Tarzana Middle School Teacher Arrested for Multiple Counts of Child Molestation NR11087SF

01/27/11 - LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Statement on the Arrest of Los Angeles Unified School District Police Officer NR11044SF

01/20/11 - Attempt Murder of a Los Angeles School Police Officer Armed and Dangerous Suspect Sought NR11035bb

01/18/11 - Armed Robbery Suspect Points Handgun at Police NR11032kr

01/18/11 - LAPD Investigates Officer Involved Shooting of Armed Robbery Suspect NR11032kr

12/21/10 - 51-Year-Old Missing Woman NR10587cj

12/01/10 - DCFS Social Worker Arrested for Sexual Assault NR10563mg

12/01/10 - Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested NA10327bb

11/30/10 - 7-Year-Old Boy, Fighting Leukemia, Becomes LAPD Officer and Pilot for a Day

11/28/10 - Elderly Woman Dies After Being Hit By a Backing Car NR10554cj

11/19/10 - Lock It, Hide It, Keep It Holiday Reminders and Tips

08/13/10 - LAPD Topanga Division 10851 VC Award Ceremony NA10213bb

08/01/10 - National Night Out NR10151rh

07/07/10 - Mother, Daughter Found Dead NR10349BB

06/22/10 - National Night Out

06/07/10 - Standoff with Murder Suspect Ends NR100301bb

06/05/10 - Man Found Stabbed to Death NR10300bb

05/24/10 - Armed Homicide Suspect Shot NR10276bb

05/20/10 - Elderly Couple Found Dead in their Home

04/03/10 - 66-Year-Old Man Critical Missing

03/22/10 - Valley Bureau Sobriety Checkpoint NA10042ne

03/19/10 - CARE Alert Issued for 4-Month-Old Boy NR10134SF

03/18/10 - 2nd Annual Topanga Area Community Police Station Open House NA10056bb

03/05/10 - Attempted Robbery Victim Dies From His Injuries

01/27/10 - Police Arrest Man Dubbed Fake Mustache Bandit NR10035ah

01/26/10 - Topanga Detectives Investigate Two Theft Suspects NR10037rh

01/07/10 - Critical Missing Man NR10010ne

12/01/09 - Charity Toy Drive & Car Show NA09331ah

11/25/09 - LAPD Convoy Part of Charity Toy Drive NA09322ah

11/24/09 - Holiday Crime Prevention Strategies Press Conference NA09320ah

11/18/09 - Don't be a Victim of Crime this Holiday Season! News Conference to Announce Crime Prevention Tips and Strategies NA09314SF

11/12/09 - Topanga Area Annual Town Hall Meeting NA09301kr

11/04/09 - Suspect Arrested for Posing as Coca-Cola Employee to Steal Money from Vending Machines NR09508rf

11/03/09 - Husband and Wife Found Dead Inside Their Home NR09525kr

10/27/09 - Two Juveniles Arrested in Residential Burglary NR09515kr

10/05/09 - Armed Robbery Leads to Shooting, Victim Survives NR09488cj

10/03/09 - Commercial Burglars Caught on Tape NR09477gb

09/10/09 - LAPD Seek Help Identifying Medical Marijuana Dispensary Robbers NR09443ah

09/10/09 - LAPD Needs Help Nabbing Medical Marijuana Dispensary Robbers NA09239ah

08/27/09 - Asking Public's Help in Identifying Suspects in Medical Marijuana Robberies NA09227gb

08/25/09 - Topanga Station Children's Room Dedication NA09228BB

08/05/09 - Buyers Beware in the West San Fernando Valley Area NR09381rh

07/17/09 - Serial Bank Robbers The Buckshot Bandits Sought, Reward Offered NR09346BB

06/17/09 - Scams Targeting the Spanish Speaking Community

04/26/09 - Burglary Targeting Computer Equipment In Woodland Hills NR09205rh

03/25/09 - 15-Year-Old Attacked by Violent Sexual Predator

03/13/09 - CARE Alert Issued for Child Abduction

01/20/09 - Duo Arrested for West Hills Crime Spree

01/14/09 - Suspects Arrested in Racially Motivated Slaying

01/07/09 - Topanga Station Opens its Doors to the Media; Chief Bratton, Captain Sherman and Other Dignitaries to Conduct Topanga's First Formal Uniform Inspection

12/31/08 - LAPD Celebrates its 140th Year Anniversary and the Grand Opening of Topanga Area Community Police Station