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Training Units

Legal Training Unit

Responsible for instruction regarding criminal law and criminal procedure using POST approved lesson plans and Workbooks.

Spanish Training Unit

The Spanish Training Unit requires that instructors be proficient in speaking, reading, and writing the Spanish language. Their primary responsibility is to instruct recruit officers with 65 hours of Spanish Training. In addition the Spanish Training Unit provides Spanish Training to police reserves, lateral, restored and detention officers.

Academics Unit

Responsible for providing instruction to Recruit Officers, Restorations, Laterals, Police Service Representatives, Detention Officers, Reserve Officers and Probationary Officers in the following:
  • LD 1- Leadership, Professionalism and Ethics
  • LD12-Controlled Substances
  • LD18-Report Writing
  • LD21-Radio Procedures
  • LD26- Unusual Occurrences
  • LD28-Traffic Enforcement
  • LD29-Traffic Collisions
  • LD30-Preliminary Investigation
  • LD31-Custody
Video Unit

The Video Unit is responsible for developing visual training materials for the standardized roll-call training program. It also assists Department instructors in developing video presentations that supplement classroom instruction. Additionally, video unit personnel provide camera surveillance during unusual occurrences, civil unrest, and event videography to be used for department training/disciplinary purposes and risk management issues. The Video Unit also produces a video news magazine highlighting various units and sections in the Department.

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Video Catalog

Technology Training Unit

Responsible for providing technological training to Recruits, Reserves and in-service employees in basic computer skills for word processing and specialized LAPD applications which include Autotrak, DCTS, CCHRS, TMS, DECS, NECS, and DABIS

Field Training Services Unit

Responsible for managing the Department’s Standardized Roll Call Training Program. Monthly training packets that usually contain 8 lesson plans, which are prepared and posted to the LAN and /or are mailed out to divisions for presentation during roll call to all sworn personnel. Training Bulletins are also managed by FTSU.

Human Relations Training Unit

Responsible for instruction of the following:
  • LD 3--Policing in the Community
  • LD-4--Victimology
  • LD-24-Handling Disputes
  • LD 25-Domestic Violence
  • LD 30-Preliminary Investigation
  • Sexual Assault
  • LD 37 Persons with Disabilities
  • LD 42 Cultural Diversity
  • Racial Profiling
  • Hate Crimes
Directed/Remedial Training Unit

Coordinates all directed/remedial training for the Department


Training Division Location and Contact Info
Ahmanson Recruit Training Center
5651 W. Manchester Boulevard, Westchester

Elysian Park
1880 N. Academy Drive, Elysian Park

Edward M. Davis Training Facility
12001 Blucher Avenue, Granada Hills
818-832-3700 more>