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Friday, December 14, 2007

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Mall Holiday Crime Prevention

Los Angeles: The traditional holiday shopping season is in full swing and The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Valley-Bureau, and mall security, valley-wide have beefed up their security efforts. Police also want to alert shoppers to be aware of the thieves roaming around inside the mall and mall parking lots preying on visible items they can easily get their hands on. In an effort to reduce crime at malls and shopping centers, police have publicized additional resources.

A volunteer mounted unit that’s made up of equestrian community members are part of the increased security efforts. They will be on hand to work closely with police by lending extra eyes and ears. Volunteer surveillance team (eyes and ears for mall police), footbeat officers, bike patrol officers, increase of private security have also been added for high visibility and to crack down on crimes at shopping centers.

One of the biggest problems at malls is shoppers leaving valuables in plain sight in parked cars. In order to prevent shoppers from being the victim of a car theft and to get the word, a “Leave it-Lose it” campaign was launched. Bumper stickers are placed on vehicles to remind customers not to leave anything visible in vehicles and to save a person from being a victim of a crime.

The following are helpful car theft crime prevention tips:
  • Always lock your vehicle and close you windows
  • Use a steering column locking device
  • Do not leave your laptop in your vehicle
  • Always use your vehicle’s alarm system
  • If possible, park your vehicle in a garage
  • Park you vehicle as close to a streetlight as possible
  • Do not leave garage remotes in your vehicle
  • If you see any suspicious activity near any vehicle, call the police
  • Check on your vehicle periodically and check on your neighbor's vehicle periodically
  • IPOD's and IPOD docking stations are a prime target
  • GPS units and their docking stations