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Traffic Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement

Oh c’mon Officer… Isn’t there anything better you can do than run around writing tickets all day? I mean, after all, with all the guns and drugs and gangs in LA, why are you wasting your time with me?"

Traffic Enforcement officers hear this all the time. A residential street, 35-mph zone, parked cars, driveways, children playing or walking on the sidewalks, and someone drives by at 50 mph and asks why we’re "wasting our time."

Valley Traffic Divisions jurisdiction of the San Fernando Valley covers 221 square miles with 2,823 street miles. The fact is the average community member is more likely to die in a traffic collision than by criminal or gang activity.  During 2019, 94 people were killed in 86 traffic collisions in the San Fernando Valley.  This doesn't include the freeways and incorporated cities within the Valley. In an effort to reduce the number of fatalities, VTD officers actively enforce traffic laws.

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