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Valley Traffic Detectives

Valley Traffic Division Detectives – 818-644-8022

Valley Traffic Division Detectives investigate collisions that involve criminal acts including; Homicide, Manslaughter, Felony Driving Under the Influence and Hit and Run collisions.

During 2019, there were 17,921 traffic collisions reported in the Valley.  Of those traffic collisions, 7,820 were hit and runs, 86 were fatal collisions and 745 involved driving under the influence collisions.  

  • Be a courteous driver.  Most accidents occur because of poor driving behavior.
  • Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers.  Eyes up, Phones Down, Pay Attention!
  • Slow down.  Slowing your drive by 5 mph will only add about 3 minutes to a 10-mile drive.
  • Use your turn signals.  The law requires you to signal a minimum of 100’ before you intend to turn.  Let other drivers know you intend to change lanes or turn long before you move.
  • Buckle up!  Seatbelts will save your life and your loved ones.  
  • Proper Use of Car Seats!  We provide FREE instruction on how to properly install and use child car seats, just call us to make an appointment.

Hit and Run Collisions
Be a good witness.  The more detailed information you can provide about the person and car that hit you, the better chance we have to identify the suspect.  Write down the license plate number of the vehicle involved.  When possible write down the description of the vehicle driver.

If you are involved in a hit and run collision, the detective assigned to your case will need to know the following information:

1. Can you identify the driver of the hit and run vehicle from a photograph?
2. An estimate of the damage to your vehicle or property from body shop or insurance company. 

Hit and Run Collisions where you are unable to provide the license plate of the vehicle and there is only damage to your car and no injuries, can be reported through our online traffic collision reporting system. (click here to make a report


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