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Community Traffic Services Unit

Sergeant Steve Egan

Valley Traffic Divisions, Community Traffic Services Unit is a specialized unit of Motor Officers dedicated to addressing traffic concerns throughout the San Fernando Valley.

The unit is divided into four elements:
  • Traffic Complaints
  • Traffic Safety & Education
  • Vehicle Impound & Radar Speed Trailers
  • COMPSTAT Detail
The following will give the reader an overview of the unit and the operation of each element.

Traffic Services Officers
The Traffic Services Officers (TSO) are seven Motor Officers who are traffic problem solvers. One Officer is assigned to each of the seven Valley-Bureau Areas. Their duties involve resolving traffic complaints and concerns utilizing the three E’s of traffic; Education, Engineering, and Enforcement. Each Traffic Services Officer works closely with the Community, Council Districts, Department of Transportation, and the Patrol Areas to resolve traffic concerns when possible. In addition, the officers provide specialized traffic training to the Area Patrol Officers and are available to speak at Community meetings on traffic related matters. You will often find them providing selective enforcement in the identified traffic problem areas.

The name and phone number of the Traffic Services Officers is as follows:
  • Van Nuys Area, Officer Stephen Slinsky 818-644-8041
  • West Valley Area, Officer Tony Sciarrino 818-644-8145
  • North Hollywood, Officer Steven Rausch 818-644-8147
  • Foothill Area, Officer Joel Flores818-644-8142
  • Devonshire Area, Officer David Hovey 818-644-8144
  • Mission Area, Officer Rafael Santos 818-644-8017
  • Topanga Area, Officer Brian Thompson818-644-8141
Traffic Safety and Education
The Traffic Safety and Education element consists of three Officers. The Officers are assigned to Traffic Safety/Education and conduct traffic safety classes in both English and Spanish for all school grades (Pre-school to High School). Programs are also available to the Business Community.

Sober Graduation is just one of the many yearly programs we provide. During the Officers non- teaching times they provide selective enforcement around the San Fernando Valley schools.

This element also conducts child safety seat installations and inspections with in the San Fernando Valley.

Valley Traffic Division is a National Child Safety Seat Inspection Center. Certified officers check and install child safety seats every Thursday at Valley Traffic Station between 7:30 AM and 11:30 AM.

Appointments can be made by calling 818-644-8143.
  • Officer Art Ornelas 818-644-8023
  • Officer Chad Dellinger 818-644-8143
Reserve Coordinator
The police officer reserve coordinator assists community members who wish to participate in becoming a reserve officer here at Valley Traffic Division and mentors the current reserves.

Reserve Coordinator
  • Officer Hector Carbajal 818-644-8147
The RADAR/LASER coordinator is a motor officer who is responsible for the RADAR and LASER devices used to measure the speed of vehicles. The coordinator works closely with the Department of Transportation and City Attorney’s Office in regards to speed limits. He also provides training to officers in the correct use of the equipment and court preparation. However, request for calibration records should be made through Risk Management Division at, 213-978-2100. Request for speed zone survey copies should be made through the Department of Transportation survey section at, 213-972-5060.

  • Officer Troy Williams 818-644-8016


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