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Community Traffic Services Unit

Sergeant Stephen Egan
(818) 644-8146

VTD’s CTSU is a specialized unit of motor officers and traffic collision officers dedicated to addressing traffic concerns throughout the Los Angeles Police Department’s Operations-Valley Bureau (Van Nuys Area, West Valley Area, North Hollywood Area, Foothill Area, Devonshire Area, Mission Area and Topanga Area).

The unit is divided into seven sections:

• Traffic Services Officer
• Traffic Safety and Education
• Child Safety Seat Program
• Safety Valet Program
• Sober Graduation Program
• Off-Road Enforcement
• RADAR/LASER Coordinator
• Reserve Officer Coordinator

Traffic Services Officers

The Traffic Services Officers (TSO) section is comprised of seven motor officers who are responsible for solving traffic problems. One officer is assigned to each of the seven Valley Bureau Areas.

Their duties involve resolving traffic concerns and/or complaints utilizing the approach of education, engineering, and/or enforcement. Each TSO works closely with the Community, Council District Offices, Department of Transportation, Patrol Areas, and other Southern California Law Enforcement agencies to resolve traffic concerns when possible. In addition, the officers provide specialized traffic training to the Area patrol officers and are available to speak at community meetings on traffic related matters. One will often find the TSOs providing selective enforcement at an identified traffic problem location(s).

The name and telephone number of assigned TSOs are as follows:

Van Nuys Area                Officer Allen Kamai           (818) 644-8141
West Valley Area            Officer James York             (818) 644-8145
North Hollywood Area   Officer Kevin Vanklavern   (818) 644-8147
Foothill Area                   Officer Joel Flores               (818) 644-8142
Devonshire Area             Officer Tony Sciarinno        (818) 644-8144
Mission Area                   Officer Ryan Bronk             (818) 644-8017
Topanga Area                 Officer James Hutchins        (818) 644-8041

Traffic Safety and Education

The Officers are assigned to Traffic Safety / Education and conduct traffic safety classes in both English and Spanish for all school grades (Pre-school to High School). The traffic safety and education classes are also available to the business community. The officers work in conjunction with representatives from the Mayor’s Office, Southern California-Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the Los Angeles Unified School District, Safety Belt Safe USA, the California Highway Patrol (CHP), and numerous area educators to actively maintain the highest level of service relating to traffic concerns in and around the schools during school hours. This collective group of service providers’ mission is to improve traffic safety and to maintain a realistic and informative educational and traffic prevention program for students, parents and educators who are the stake holders in our communities.

Child Safety Seat Check-up/Inspection.

The Traffic Safety and Education section conduct a weekly child safety seat check-up/inspection service, free of charge for community members. During the Child Safety Check-up, parents or caregivers can drive up to the check-up/inspection station with their children in the car seats. The check-up is conducted by a certified child safety seat technician for proper fit of the child in the seat, the proper installation of the seat in the vehicle, and a check of the seat for safety and recalls. VTD is a registered Child Safety Seat Check-up/Inspection Station under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). For more information and to make an appointment, please contact the Child Safety Seat Coordinator by calling (818) 644-8143.

Child safety seat inspections and installations are conducted on Thursday between 7:30 AM and 11:30 AM.

Buckle your child in a safety seat every trip, no matter how short the trip.

Remember: All children under the age of 16 must ride properly buckled up.

Children MUST be secured in an appropriate child passenger restraint (safety seat or booster seat) IN THE BACK SEAT OF A VEHICLE. Toddlers up to 2 years old should be rear facing, and children up to 8 years old or 4ft 9in tall should be in their age appropriate safety seat.

Safety Valet Program.
The implementation of the Safety Valet Program at various schools at the various schools in the San Fernando Valley has transformed morning congestion and grid-lock to an orderly, traffic control system staffed by school volunteers. The program has focused on school entrance or the designated main vehicle drop off point. Safety Valet Program volunteers performing Safety Valet functions will open car doors, direct traffic and encourage the continuous flow of traffic in and around the valet area. For more information, please contact the Safety Valet Coordinator at (818) 644-8144.

Sober Graduation Program.
This program was established by the CHP in 1985 as an effective anti-DUI program targeting high school seniors and raising their awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving. As spring activities and celebrations mark the end of the school year with graduation celebrations and proms, VTD officers visit more than 20 Valley high schools in an attempt to re-enforce driver and peer responsibility.

The officer’s presentations are supported by numerous attention catching static displays: A demolished vehicle that has been associated in a traffic collision involving a drunk driver; an impressive static display depicting a photographic gallery that depicts the consequences and dangers as a result of drinking and driving; and, not only does the crushed car grab the student attention, but it gives them an opportunity to talk to a uniformed officer.

The officer’s presentations and displays are an attempt to reduce the number of traffic collisions among young adults caused by drinking and driving and to re-enforce their responsibility to their communities and society as the potential for traffic collisions increase. For more information, please contact the Sober Graduation Coordinator at (818) 644-8144.

The name and telephone number of VTD Traffic Safety Officer(s) are:
Officer Chad Dellinger (818) 644-8143
Officer Arturo Ornelas (818) 644-8023

RADAR/LASER Coordinator

The RADAR/LASER coordinator is a motor officer who is responsible for the RADAR and LASER devices used to measure the speed of vehicles. The coordinator works closely with the Department of Transportation and the City Attorney’s Office in regards to speed limits. For additional information, please contact Officer Troy Williams at (818) 644-8016.

Additionally, requests for calibration records should be made through Risk Management Division at (213) 978-2100. Requests for speed zone survey copies should be made through the Department of Transportation - Survey Section at (213) 972-5060.


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