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West LA C-PAB Meeting Minutes

West Los Angeles
Community and Police Advisory Board
May 25, 2012
7pm – 8:30pm

Captain Evangelyn Nathan, West LA Area Commanding Officer, CPAB Co-Chair
Robert A. Ringler, Co-Chair, President, Bel-Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council
Chris Ragsdale, Senior Lead Officer West LAPD 8A29
Dwayne Davis, Reserve/C-PAB Coordinator
Donna Moffit, CPAB
John Moffit, Guest
Cely Lim, Guest
Samantha Greenberg, Guest
Sharon Meche, Guest
Kerry Welland, Mayor’s Crisis Response Team (CRT)
Jean Shigematsu, WLANC
Chris Capri, Guest
Haldis Toppel, MKPOA
Kevin Gres, SORONC
Terrance Gomes, SORONC
Michael Bloom, SORONC
Paul Glasgall, CPAB, PP
Stan Arcader, Cheviot Hills HOA
Larry Zehnder, Beverlywood HOA
Ray Klein, BCC
Alex Cohen, Sawtelle
Richard Cohen, CPAB
Dimitri Vernik, CPAB
Nickie Miner, BCA
Larry Miner, BCA
Norma Bracco, CPAB
Jackie Koci, Rec & Parks & CPAB
Joyce Cook, CPAB
Heather Rozman, Transcribing Secretary, Executive Director BABCNC

Meeting called to order by Co-Chair, Robert A. Ringler at 7:07 p.m.

Item I – Welcoming Remarks
Captain Evangelyn Nathan – Co-Chair
Robert A. Ringler –Co-Chair

Item II – Approval of Minutes

Item III – West LA Area Commanding Officer, CPAB Co-Chair, Captain Evangelyn Nathan
West Los Angeles Area Crime Update and related items
- Captain Nathan talked about the importance of familiarizing yourself with home and neighbors.
- Letting your neighbor know when you are out of town.
- Being aware when alarms on homes and cars sound off.    
Constitutional Policing
Constitutional policing is a non-discrimination policy mandated by law that police activities are conducted according to events or a person’s actions and not by type or physical characteristics.

Item IV – Assistant Co-Chair – Captain Rolando Solano - Area Crime Update and related items
Reports: West Los Angeles Area Crime Update and related items
- Officer Chris Ragsdale reported 20 % decreased in his area. West LA division has seen a decrease in crime compared to the previous year. Officer Ragsdale thanked the community members for their support and participation in crime prevention. Please call 911 if you see a crime that is about to occur, is in progress or has just occurred.

Item V – Donna Moffit – CPAB Website Update:
                 Robert asked for people to help with updating the website and making sure it is accurate. 
                 Amy Greenberg stated she would help. Jackie Koci will also help with social media, photos
                 and updates.

Item VI – Robert A. Ringler and Captain Evengelyn Nathan

Committee Reports: 
Educational Committee
Guest Speaker Committee
Stan Arcader announced the CPAB committee will have to opportunity to visit LAPD Bomb Squad May 28, 2013 .
Neighborhood Watch Committee
Emergency Preparedness Committee
C-PAB Recruitment and Orientation Committee
Special Events Committee
Traffic Committee

Item VII  – C-PAB Liaison Officer – Dwayne Davis
Issuance of new C-PAB I.D. Cards

Item IX – City Council Office Reports - 
Field Representative for Councilman’s Office (CD-5) or CD-11 

Item X – Neighborhood and Community Councils Reports

Item XI – Meeting Refreshments
Tonight’s food courtesy of: Sunnin Lebanese Café

Food/Donations for future meetings
Item XII – Next C-PAB Meeting – Tuesday, May 28 , WLA Community Police Station – 7pm-8:30pm

Item XIII – Meeting Adjournment
Motion was made.  Motion seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.  


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