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West Valley C-PAB Meeting Minutes

West Valley Area
Community Police Advisory Board

February 12, 2014

Call to Order:    Meeting called to order at 7:06 PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Quorum: Declared

Approval of Minutes:     The minutes of January 13, 2014 meeting were approved

Introduction:    Officers, PM Watch Commander and Supervisor, Captain Egan and Captain Grimes

Captain John Egan:

•    Captain advised the meeting was being live streamed.
•    Captain reported that Crime is down 20% in West Valley compared to 2013.  Captain also introduced the PM Watch Commander Sgt II Mike Patroquin and Mid-Watch Supervisor, Sgt Garret Peyton.
•    Claim back the sidewalk power point presentation.

Claim back the sidewalk CPAB beautification Program.  The beautification team spoke about their progress in the Reseda Corridor.

Question and Answer Period

•    Captain and SLO Officer Parra fielded questions concerning the plasma center at the N/E/C Tampa Ave and Vanowen St.  Members concerned about the increase in thefts and BFMV’s in the area that may be connected to the location.
•    Captain also answered concerns about the Medical Marijuana Clinics and if the City regulates the facilities.  Members agreed to table the issue for a future meeting.

CPAB General Discussion

Members and Guests were formed into groups and discussed certain issues and possible solutions as it relates to the Division and CPAB.

Motion to Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM

Respectfully submitted by
Officer Todd Holmberg, Live Stream Coordinator


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