CD Department Command Post

The Department Command Post (DCP) is a vital link between the LAPD Command Staff, Police Commission, and field officers. The DCP is in full operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are 2 Sergeants, 5 Police Officer III’s, 9 Police Officer II’s, and 1 Police Service Representative assigned to the DCP.

The DCP is responsible for making notifications to concerned Department personnel of major incidents. These notifications include but are not limited to, the arrest or death of a Department employee, officer involved shootings with or without hits, worldwide incidents, national terrorism incidents, law enforcement related deaths (L.E.R.D.) and law enforcement related injuries (L.E.R.I.).

The DCP is responsible for maintaining and answering the Department Command Post Duty Room Complaint Hotline, Monday-Friday  8:30 am -5:00 p.m. DCP personnel also monitor radio frequencies, maintain and send messages via the Blackberry system, update the off hours notification books, log entries into the Chief’s 24 hour log, and record homicides for the COMPSTAT year to date totals.

The DCP provides directory assistance for field officers and assist with directions to occurrences. Officers direct and connect personnel to appropriate Department entities.

The DCP is committed to enhancing the level of service provided to Command Staff and field officers. The DCP also strives for excellence through continuous reevaluation of policies and procedures.