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Personnel Division

100 W. 1st Street, Room 228
Los Angeles, CA 90012
LAPD’s Personnel Division, under the command of the Personnel Group, provides human resources-related services to the Department. Elena Asucan is the Commanding Officer of the Personnel Division. For verification of employment, please email here:

Responsibilities of this Division include:
  • conducting investigative backgrounds of civilian candidates
  • processing, interviewing,
  • screening civilian (non-sworn) applicants,
  • medical exams, and
  • conducting pre-exit interviews of employees
In addition, Personnel Division maintains a database of Department personnel and prepares the Table of Organization and related charts.
Other duties of the Personnel Division are:

processing and investigating medical histories and information pertaining to sick or injured-on-duty (IOD) employees who apply for pensions, ensuring that proper medical treatment is provided to employees who are injured on or off-duty, obtaining pertinent medical information from treating physicians and maintaining confidentiality of medical records. Personnel Division also administers the Department’s Safety Program.
Personnel Division is composed of the following sections:
Administrative Section
Civilian Employment Section
Employee Selection Section
Medical Liaison Section
Position Control Section
Personnel Records Section
Return to Work Section