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Use of Force Review Division

100 W. First Street
Suite 259
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The Use of Force Review Division (UOFRD) reports directly to the Office of the Chief of Staff. Captain Scott Sargent, Commanding Officer of the Use of Force Review Division, oversees the following sections: Administration, Categorical Use of Force and Non-Categorical Use of Force.

In general, the Division is responsible for providing administrative support for the review and adjudication of all Categorical and Non-Categorical use of force incidents. The Division coordinates and schedules the Use of Force Review Board for Categorical use of force incidents and provides staff support for Board members. The Division is also responsible for coordinating and scheduling K-9 Bite Review Boards for incidents in which a member of the public is bitten by a Department canine and requires hospitalization. The Division maintains and updates Categorical and Non-Categorical use of force databases and prepares statistical information for use of force incidents.

  • Categorical uses of force incidents are incidents involving use of deadly force by an LAPD officer, including Officer Involved Shootings, neck restraints and head strikes, Law Enforcement Related Injury where the use of force requires hospitalization of the arrestee, and all other uses of force resulting in death.
  • The Use of Force Review Board is convened on all Categorical Use of Force incidents and submits its findings and recommendations to the Chief of Police.