LAPD Command Staff

Armand Carranza

Carranza, Armand


Captain Armand Carranza was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley region of Southern California. After graduating from high school, Captain Carranza enlisted in the United States Army. Carranza’s duty assignments included both U.S. and overseas assignments including the Pacific, European, and Central American theatres. Upon completing his tour of duty, Carranza returned home to California.

In 1990, Carranza was appointed to the Los Angeles Police Department and attended the Los Angeles Police Academy. Upon graduating from the Academy, Carranza began his LAPD career working Wilshire patrol. After completing his probationary assignment, Carranza was transferred to Northeast Division. While at Northeast, his assignments included patrol, vice, and CRASH. In 1996, Carranza was promoted to Field Training Officer in Southwest Division.

In 2000, Carranza was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to West Los Angeles Patrol Division. In 2002, Carranza was transferred to Foothill Division where he continued working as a patrol supervisor. In 2006, Carranza was selected to supervise the Foothill Area War Room. The War Room concept initiated in Foothill focused all available assets in a synchronized crime fighting plan of action. In 2007, Carranza transferred to Hollenbeck Division and instituted the War Room concept in that command.

In 2008, Carranza was promoted to lieutenant and selected to be on the Olympic Area Transition Team. Upon the activation of Olympic Area, Carranza became one of the Patrol Watch Commanders. In 2009, Carranza was transferred to West Los Angeles Area. At West L.A. Carranza started as a Watch Commander and was later selected to command the West L.A. Detective Division. In 2013 Carranza was promoted to become the OIC of the Valley Communications Dispatch Center. In April of 2015, Carranza was transferred to Hollywood Patrol Division as the Commanding Officer.  Carranza has had subsequent commands  of  the Department Operations Center, In-Service Training Division, Director of the Police Academy and in June 2020, assumed command of Transit Services Division.