LAPD Command Staff

Lynette Miles

Miles, Lynette
  • Rank: Captain I
  • Division: Detective Support and Vice Division
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Captain Lynette Miles is a native Angelino and a 28-year service veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. She currently resides in Los Angeles County with her husband and children. Captain Miles attended and graduated from William Howard Taft High School in Woodland Hills, California. She continued her higher education at California State University of Long Beach, where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science.

Captain Miles began her career with the Los Angeles Police Department in March of 1994. After graduating from the Police Academy, she worked a variety of assignments including Van Nuys, Southeast, and Pacific Division. In 2000, she promoted to the rank of Detective I and was assigned to Wilshire Area, where she investigated crimes pertaining to Sexual Assaults, Burglary and Major Assault Crimes.

In 2001, Captain Miles promoted to Sergeant, where she assumed a variety of leadership roles. In October 2002, she was selected as a Sergeant II for a position at Internal Affairs Group based on her diverse investigative and leadership experience. During her time at Internal Affairs Group, she was assigned to both the Criminal and Administrative sections. In 2006, Captain Miles was selected as the Assistant Officer in Charge of Central Vice. Her vice assignment provided her the opportunity to not only utilize her investigative skill but also partner with Central Area’s business and residential community to address quality of life issues.

Captain Miles promoted to the rank of Lieutenant I in April of 2007, at Newton Division where she served as the Watch Commander. In August of 2008 she was selected as the Commanding Officer of Southwest Detective Division. As the Detective Commanding Officer, Captain Miles responsibilities included overseeing criminal investigations and crime reduction strategies for almost three years. In January 2011, Captain Miles was then selected as the Officer in Charge, Vice and Narcotics Section, Internal Audit Inspections Division. Her duties included overseeing performance-based audits of Department operations to promote transparency and accountability to gain public trust.

In September 2011, Captain Miles was selected as the Adjutant to Commanding Officer of Personnel and Training Bureau. In 2016, Captain Miles was selected as the Officer in Charge, Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Section, Major Crimes Division. While assigned to Major Crimes Division, Captain Miles was selected for a variety of assignment including Deputy Director of the Joint Regional Intelligence Center. As the Deputy Director of the Joint Regional Intelligence Center, Captain Miles was instrumental in coordinating with State, Federal and local law enforcement partners to detect potential threats to the region. In 2019, Captain Miles was selected as the Officer in Charge, Non-Categorical Use of Force Section, Critical Incident Review Division. Her duties included overseeing non-categorical use of force investigation to ensure compliance with Department Policy as well as State and Federal Law.

In May of 2020, Captain Miles, joined Operations-South Bureau as the Bureau Vice Coordinator. While assigned to Operations South Bureau she also served as the Officer-in-Charge of the South Bureau Human Trafficking Task Force and as the Bureau Gang Coordinator.

Captain Miles hobbies include, camping, traveling, live music and spending time with friends and family.