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Muslim Forum

COP Forum dates, locations and notes

Forum Minutes

I. Welcome/Introduction – Forum Chair and Co-chairs
Welcoming New Police Chief Charlie Beck; First Muslim Forum under Chief Beck’s leadership is a historical event; Chief Beck is about community partnership.

Dr. Hathout expressed his expectations: Partners with the LAPD, a task to perform together to protect our country, liberty, safety of all communities.
II. Community Partnerships and the Way Forward - Deputy Chief Michael Downing, Commanding Officer, Counter Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau
  • A. Building Bridges – Building relationships with all the communities in the City; communication between the Department and all communities will build long term relationships; result in trust.
  • B. Letter to Fort Hood – Written by Mr. Salam Al-Marayati to the Muslim Americans; Protect Civil
  • Rights; to understand that America is our home to protect.
  • C. Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation – Chief Downing thanked all those that were present at
  • the meeting for being there, “together with us,” supporting the Department.
  • D. Video Interviews – The Way Forward; Dr. Hathout and Mr. Salam Al-Marayati, speaking on the
  • importance for the community and law enforcement to have a trustworthy relationship in order to
  • create a safe working and living environment.
  • E. Introduction of LAPD Muslim Chaplin Shahky Qasi Asad and Reserve Police Officer Omar Ricci – Forum is a very important hallmark of the LAPD; shows mutual respect, the diversity of knowledge to better serve the City and its people; Vision is the same, not to discriminate, but to honor with integrity and compassion.
III. Introduction and presentation by Police Chief Charlie BeckDepartment Goals
  1. Constitutional Policing
  2. Crime Reduction
  3. Prevention of Terrorist Incident – keeping communities safe from terrorism
  4. Maintain Personnel Strength of the Department
  5. Employee Wellness
IV. Open Discussion/Question and Answer facilitated by Dafer Dakhil and Imam Hasan.

V.  Adjournment