Jail Division Functions

The LIVESCAN machine is used by Jail personnel to fingerprint and identify Arrestees. Along with fingerprints, it also records pictures of the inmate’s face and distinguishing features such as scars or tattoos.

The Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, S.C.B.A., is used by Jail personnel in case of fire or smoke emergencies. Detention Officers are fully trained in the proper use and maintenance of rescue equipment.

The LAPD Slammer Van is utilized for Special Detailed assignments. DUI check points, warrants, and public demonstrations are some Task Forces that the vehicle is used.  It is also frequently used by Jail Division for Inmate transportation. The vehicle can hold up to 12 Arrestees and is fully equipped with a video and audio monitoring system.

The booking of Arrestees consists of entering information into the DABIS system by the Detention Officer.  The inmate will be assigned their own individual Booking number and wristband for ease of identification.