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Devonshire Community Telephone Directory

Station Telephone Directory Telephone Number When to call...
Emergency 9-1-1 To report Emergencies Only
Non-emergency 1-877-ASK-LAPD
To report any non-emergency crime
Devonshire Area Front Desk 818-832-0633 General inquiries and information
Devonshire Area TDD 818-832-0665 Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf
Devonshire Area Detective Desk 818-832-0609 Investigative-related questions regarding reported crimes
Devonshire Area Community Relations Office 818-832-0283 Community policing information, volunteer opportunities, community-based programs
Devonshire Area Youth Services Officer 818-720-2289 Cadet and youth related programs
Devonshire Area Vice Unit 818-832-0811 For prostitution, gambling, and alcohol related complaints
Devonshire Area Jail
(Temporarily Closed)
818-374-9645 Information on persons arrested and in custody
Devonshire Area Property Office
(Temporarily Closed)
818-374-9445 For lost , stolen, found or booked property
Devonshire Area Records Unit 818-832-0688 To obtain report numbers
Devonshire Area
Commanding Officer
Devonshire Patrol Division
Commanding Officer
818-832-0692 Business hours only
Devonshire Detective Division Commanding Officer 818-832-0609 Business hours only
Devonshire Area Official Police Garage Tow:
Ross Baker Tow
818-886-7411 For impounded or recovered vehicles