Featured Community Member

Bertha Wooldridge

  • First Name: Bertha
  • Last Name: Wooldridge
  • Title: Outstanding Community Member


For over three decades Bertha Wooldridge and her husband Bob have owned and run the Westlake Plumbing and Hardware store near MacArthur Park. Their store had been the target of criminals numerous times over the years; but instead of leaving the area, she formed a relationship with the LAPD’s Rampart Division and worked to make the community a better place. She is the founder of the Westlake Neighborhood Council and heads the Rampart Area Community-Police Advisory Board, as well as the Rampart Booster Association. The men and women of LAPD Rampart Area are thankful for Mrs. Wooldridge’s contributions and support. You can read more about Bertha and her contributions to the Rampart Area in this recent LA Times article