Featured Community Member

Gary Minzer

  • First Name: Gary
  • Last Name: Minzer
  • Title: Outstanding Community Member


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gary Minzer has blended his role as businessman and community volunteer in providing dedication, commitment, and effective leadership to the Hollywood community.

Gary attended the University of Southern California receiving degrees in Political Science and Business Administration.  After graduating USC, Gary worked in the entertainment industry, including several years with the Fred Silverman Company where his responsibilities included Personal Management, Public Relations, Product Endorsements and Promotions.

Over Fifteen years ago Gary took over the Presidency and the day to day operations of Hollywood Tow Service Inc., which was founded by his father, Saul Minzer, over fifty years ago.  The company is an Official Police Garage for the City of Los Angeles serving the Los Angeles Police Department, Department of Transportation and the Hollywood community.  Gary also serves as President of the Official Police Garage Association of Los Angeles. Among many contributions to the City, Gary and the OPG Association developed the Vehicle Impound Information Center, a computer program which assists the public and City personnel to locate impounded vehicles.

Gary has served Los Angeles with distinction. His community involvement is carried out using a “leaving no stone unturned” approach.  This philosophy has allowed him to bring various individuals and entities together to overcome obstacles and resolve issues.  Gary lends his time and resources to numerous groups and organizations, and his civic interests are diverse. Gary was appointed to the Prop F Civilian Oversight Committee which oversees the funding for the building, renovation and improvements to the Los Angeles Fire Department facilities throughout the City.

Gary’s interest in creating partnerships in the community has led to him taking on the responsibility of Civilian Co-Chair of the Hollywood Community-Police Advisory Board (C-PAB).  The Board’s focus is to partner with the residents, businesses, City departments and agencies, social services, and elected officials in addressing various quality of life issues within the Hollywood area such as, homelessness, youth, graffiti, traffic, senior citizens and the establishment of a very beneficial and successful nightclub committee.  Gary has successfully bridged the gap between the bureaucracy that exists in City Hall and the businesses and residents of Hollywood.  Through Gary’s efforts, C-PAB has created a community government philosophy and environment.

As a business leader, he has served on the Board of Directors of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and has been the recipient of the Chambers’ most prestigious Golden and Chairman’s Awards.  He has also served as Co-Chair of the Chamber’s Public Safety Committee.  He is an enthusiastic supporter of the revitalization efforts in Hollywood and is an active supporter of many projects and groups sponsored by the community, including the Chamber’s Community Foundation, the Hollywood Beautification Team, the Hollywood Police Support Association and the Police Activities League.

Gary has been a strong consistent supporter of the Los Angeles Fire and Police Departments and has assisted many of their programs including “Burglary from Motor Vehicles”, “Sober Graduation”, “Jaws of Life”, and “Live Fire Training”.

Gary’s knowledge of traffic issues extends beyond his company’s service to the City.  The Hollywood Community Government Traffic Committee, which he co-founded and co-chairs, has garnered success from businesses, residents, and City officials. The committee was successful in bringing together representatives from all the City’s agencies, departments, and elected officials to address and solve a myriad of transportation issues.  The committee has acted as a conduit in assisting Neighborhood Councils, homeowner associations, Business Improvement Districts and community groups in communicating with the City’s agencies to solve a variety of traffic related issues including traffic lights, stop signs, and cross walks.

The committee has proactively worked with many of the developments in Hollywood and has successfully established and coordinated communication between architects, traffic consultants and City representatives to solve problems before they manifest.

Under Gary’s leadership the committee had developed and distributed over 20,000 copies of the Hollywood Traffic Street Guide, which will soon be published in English, Spanish, and Armenian.  The committee was also instrumental in the procurement of a Radar Smart Trailer that has reduced speeding particularly in residential and school zones.

One of Gary’s current focuses is to enhance and improve communications between the Hollywood community and the City of West Hollywood in addressing issues effecting the businesses and residents of both areas.  With strong revitalization efforts taking place, it is paramount to establish cooperative and collaborative partnerships to address the impact on these communities.

Gary’s commitment to the welfare of the community can be seen in his support of youth group programs.  He has been instrumental in many youth group programs, in particular as a former Board of Director for the Los Angeles Center for Education and Research (LACER).  LACER provides arts based after-school programs to four middle schools within the Hollywood area.  Gary has quietly demonstrated leadership that has directly affected and improved the academic, learning, and personal growth of many adolescents in the community.

Gary has bridged the gap between the Hollywood community and the LACER after-school program by creating the LACER Advisory Council.  The Council consists of some of the most prominent businesses and individuals in Hollywood.  The mission of the Advisory Council was to establish a connection between youth and the community through mentoring programs, in addition to enhancing the academic and cultural opportunities of these young students.  The Council has embraced the LACER programs by providing opportunities such as interacting with members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, attending the Arrowbear Music or “Y” Camp, or seeing a live theatrical performance at the Pantages Theatre.  The Advisory Council has given these students reason to be optimistic, to hope, and believe that their dreams can come true.

Gary thrives on challenges and developing relationships.  He is an individual who knows firsthand the lasting benefits of helping people help themselves.  Gary’s philosophy is to establish partnerships that will ultimately make a difference for the community.  He has proven himself a valuable proponent of numerous activities and causes which have enhanced the quality of life and enriched the Hollywood community.