Featured Community Member

Dottie LaMacchia

  • First Name: Dottie
  • Last Name: LaMacchia
  • Title: Outstanding Community Member


Dottie LaMacchia will be eighty-four years young this year and is currently a valiant volunteer here at Foothill Community Police Station.  2013 marks her eighth year of heart felt service.

Dottie began her stay in the community of Sun Valley, California, fifty-three years ago, where she raised three children; two girls and one boy.  She now has three grand-children and eight great grand-children.  During the hustle and bustle of raising her family, she was a special education teacher for fifteen years.  She taught all ages from grades one through six.  She excelled at that profession and loved those she taught so much that she continued on for ten more years volunteering at the elementary school.

She is an active member in her church, where her love of music is evident through her membership in the choir where she was a soloist.  She is also fluent in Italian.  She is truly a gifted individual who has the ability to accomplish any task she is given.

Her love for being of service to others continues as she meticulously keeps the volunteer time book current for herself and the other volunteers.  Dottie records her own four hour shift that she consistently works every Tuesday and Thursday each week.  All of us, in the Community Relation’s Office, keep her busy with answering phones, making copies of important material to be distributed in our respective areas, and any other job that we give her to do.

Speaking of record keeping, Dottie’s organizational skills are fine tuned to where she keeps track of everyone’s birthday!  She bakes a birthday cake from scratch, she brings it in and makes everyone feel special and loved.  Around Christmas, she also makes a home-made meal, including Italian Meatballs!

Dottie is also a fireball of enthusiasm when it comes to promoting community involvement; one of many examples of this is when she spear headed a neighborhood watch on her street.  She personally went door to door to advise all the residents to attend.  She has brought together, community, businesses, and various City entities, including City Council representatives, to address their community’s issues and concerns from preventing crime to slowing traffic by having speed bumps installed (which is still in the works).  Her follow-through is impeccable.

Dottie strives to make life easier for us, yet she calls us all her sons and daughters.  We actually think we are the lucky ones to have someone like Dottie in all of our lives.  Dottie LaMacchia is the heart of Foothill Station.  Thank you, Dottie for all that you do.