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Michael Moran

  • First Name: Michael
  • Last Name: Moran
  • Title: Reserve Officer of the Year


2012 Pacific Area

Reserve Officer of the Year

Reserve Officer Michael Moran, Serial No. R6119

Reserve Officer Michael Moran, Serial No. R6119, has been assigned to Pacific Area since January 3, 2010.  Fortunately, he chose to accept an assignment with Pacific Detective Division.  He was instantly a welcomed addition, joining our team when we needed him most.  Due to the City’s financial struggles we were at an all-time low with Detective personnel.  Reserve Officer Moran rose to the challenge, immediately taking on a full case-load, and working close to 1000 volunteer hours a year.

Reserve Officer Moran is currently assigned to the Major Assault Crimes (MAC) table, which investigates crimes against people.  Reserve Officer Moran does not let his assignment to MAC impose boundaries on his value to the Division.  He is willing and eager to assist all detectives in our squad room, specializing in financial crimes and elder abuse cases.

He performs most functions and duties of the Detective rank.  His duties include reviewing his assigned cases, conducting interviews with victims, witnesses, and suspects, obtaining follow-up information via computer and in the field, and then logging then contacts and information in the Detective Case Tracking System, and on follow-up investigation reports.  He has also prepared and served search warrants, as well as prepares his assigned cases for filing consideration to the District Attorney and the City Attorney.

Reserve Officer Moran carries an extensive case load, which often includes complex investigations.  His ability to speak to people extends far beyond solving cases.  He has a kind and compassionate way of speaking to victims.  He bestows upon victims the comfort of knowing that he is truly working to solve their cases and resolve their conflicts.  His interview skills, complimented by a relentless pursuit of the truth, has resulted in numerous case clearances, case filings, arrests and subsequent convictions.  His efforts contribute to making Pacific Area a safer community for our citizens.

Reserve Officer Moran is always on a quest to improve his skills in order to better serve the community.  He has attended Los Angeles Police Department’s Detective School, Homicide School, and the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation Core Course offered by Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).  All of these courses are highly demanding investigative courses generally only attended by sworn full-time detectives from across California.

Reserve Officer Moran possesses the qualities of a tenured detective and is a tremendous asset to the detective squad room.  He regularly goes out of his way and takes the extra steps to solve cases for his victims, all while putting their fears at ease.  Reserve Officer Moran is respected and admired by Pacific Detective Personnel.  We are grateful to have him as part of our team and honored to have him as part of our family.

In recognition of his numerous outstanding contributions, his dedication, professionalism, sincerity, and kindness, Reserve Officer Moran has been selected as the Pacific Area Reserve Officer of the Year for 2012.