Featured Community Member

Valentin Quintana

  • First Name: Valentin
  • Last Name: Quintana
  • Title: Outstanding Community Member


We are very proud to announce Valentin Quintana as Outstanding Community Member for 2013.  Val has been a volunteer for the City of Los Angeles, Mission Community Police Station since 2006.  Val has worked his way to being an LAPD Specialist Volunteer.  Most of his work is with our Mission Volunteer Surveillance Team (VST) and Surveillance Cameras.  He has worked numerous task forces alongside our officers, such as curfew, truancy, burglary, general crimes, and critical missing.

Val doesn’t only provide a great service to us with his skills, but we consider him to be like a family member to us. We can consistently rely on Val to show the new volunteers the ropes with regards to task forces and the use of the surveillance cameras. He tirelessly uses his skills to assist the Department in whatever tasks that are asked of him.

In addition to volunteering many hours per week with Mission Community Police Station, he also works full-time with the airline industry.  When he is not volunteering for us or working with the airlines, he enjoys traveling with his wife and two children.  He also actively works with his Neighborhood Watch to keep his neighborhood safe as Block Captain.  Val has also put in many hours of community work such as participating in LAPD Officer Appreciation Day.

Val also spends any spare time he has playing his guitar in a band, skiing, and target shooting.  We can’t express how much we appreciate having Val as part of the LAPD Mission Family.