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Operation Clean Sweep (OCS)

The Los Angeles Police Department also works with community based organizations such as Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) to abate graffiti in Los Angeles. Graffiti is removed through paint-outs, sandblasting and chemical removal. Community based contractors also take a comprehensive approach and assist in preventing graffiti through gang intervention programs, parental involvement, court referrals and mural painting.

Operating under the City’s Board of Public Works, OCS provides materials and supplies to community organizations and volunteer groups wanting to clean up their neighborhoods.

How To Contact OCS
OCS operates a graffiti hotline 3-1-1, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to report graffiti on public property, or their own privately owned property.

Who Actually Does the Work?
Operation Clean Sweep contracts with thirteen community based organizations geographically spread throughout the City. Each community based organization has a graffiti removal program which utilizes volunteers and/or people needing to complete community service hours for the Court system. These workers are supervised by permanent employees of the graffiti removal program.

What If the Graffiti Comes Back?
Simply call the Graffiti Removal Hotline 3-1-1, and request that the graffiti be removed again. However, if a location is frequently targeted by taggers, it is encouraged that property owners or local residents remove the graffiti since service requests may take two or three days prior to removal and possibly attracting more graffiti. Operation Clean Sweep will provide paint, rollers, and other supplies to persons interested in removing graffiti themselves.

The Paint Bank allows community organizations and volunteers to obtain paint for graffiti removal projects. Commercial establishments may obtain paint from their local City Council office by addressing requests to the City Council, Los Angeles City Hall East, 200 North Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012-4801 or communicating directly with their respective Councilmember's office. Visit the City Council website

Additional Resources

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Graffiti Removal Forms
Click here to access the On-line Graffiti Removal Service Request Form



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