Recent tactical and safety concerns involving personnel holding their firearm in their hand while operating a vehicle were identified. Sworn Personnel are reminded of the inherent dangers of operating a vehicle while handling a firearm due to the possibility of an unwarranted or accidental discharge. Sworn personnel are reminded of the Drawing or Exhibiting Firearms Policy (1/556.80).

“Unnecessarily or prematurely drawing or exhibiting a firearm limits an officer’s alternatives in controlling a situation, creates unnecessary anxiety on the part of citizens, and may result in an unwarranted or accidental discharge of the firearm. Officers shall not draw or exhibit a firearm unless the circumstances surrounding the incident create a reasonable belief that it may be necessary to use the firearm in conformance with this policy on the use of firearms.”

In the event that one determines they must draw or exhibit their firearm while operating a vehicle, it should be to address an imminent threat where drawing a firearm is warranted in compliance with policy. It is understood that deviations from basic concepts sometimes occur due to the nature of rapidly evolving fluid tactical situations. Any deviation from policy shall be examined rigorously on a case by case basis.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Sergeant Louis Origel,
Training Group, at (213) 486-4639.


MARTIN A. BAEZA, Deputy Chief
Commanding Officer
Personnel and Training Bureau

DOMINIC H. CHOI, Deputy Chief
Chief of Staff
Office of the Chief of Police