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Hollenbeck Volunteer Programs

Community Relations Office

In October of 1994, Hollenbeck Area formalized a Volunteer Program with the already existing 55 volunteers. As part of the formalization of the program, Hollenbeck's Community Relations Office developed a 40-hour Academy to introduce the volunteers to several aspects of law enforcement and to the Los Angeles Police Department specifically.

From the inception of the program in 1994 until the end of 1998, Hollenbeck Area Volunteers recorded hundreds of thousands of hours of donated time, thereby saving the City over one million dollars.

The following is a brief description of each job available to Hollenbeck Area Volunteers.

Neighborhood Watch Block Captains

Neighborhood Watch Block Captains are citizens who have volunteered to represent their particular block or neighborhood with the Department. Block Captains pass along concerns and recommendations from their neighborhood to the concerned Senior Lead Officer for handling. They also coordinate community meetings to facilitate problems solving efforts between their neighborhoods and the Department.

Booster Association

Hollenbeck's Booster Association is a membership of private citizens and business members who assist with offsetting some of the financial cost of items and services required by the Station which are not covered by the Department's budget. To generate money, the Booster Association sponsors fund raising events. Some of the major accomplishments of the Hollenbeck's Booster Association are: the purchase of color laser jet printers for Hollenbeck Operations Support Division, several fax machines and the creation of a women's lounge.

C.P.A.B. (Community-Police Advisory Board)

Hollenbeck's Community-Police Advisory Board is made up of members of the Hollenbeck private, business, educational, and religious communities. The purpose of this Board is to study, research, and debate issues that concern the quality of life in the community and the quality of police services being provided. Their goal is to promote effective law enforcement and the cooperation and mutual respect between the police and the community.

Hollenbeck Area Citizen Volunteers

Hollenbeck Area's Volunteer program has a rank structure that permits citizen volunteers who excel in leadership skills to take on additional responsibility, such as training newly graduated volunteers or by assisting police officers with special details. When assigned to these special details, the volunteers act as squad leaders and are responsible for the proper deployment of volunteers.

The following job descriptions are worked by citizen volunteers who have completed Hollenbeck's Volunteer Academy Program.

Crime Suppression Details

  • Curfew Operations: With the assistance of Hollenbeck Reserve Corps Officers, Volunteers process detained juveniles by citing them for curfew violations and ensuring that the minors' parent or legal guardian take custody of the minor.
  • Surveillance Operations: With sworn oversight, volunteers work surveillance details on specific crime problems.

Citizen Service Representative

Volunteer Citizen Service Representatives work Hollenbeck Area main Station and Operations Support Division Front Desks. They assist "walk in customers" requesting police service or other information. They also answer telephone calls and take reports or give referrals.

P.A.L. (Police Activity League)

Hollenbeck Area's P.A.L. Program is one of the most recognized organizations within the Department. It services over 300 inner city children by offering them an alternative to the violence of gangs and drug abuse. Hollenbeck's P.A.L. promotes responsibility, education, physical and mental conditioning, and success.

Crisis Response Team

The Hollenbeck Area Crisis Response Team is comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers formed to help Hollenbeck Area citizens who have become victims of violent crimes. This teams purpose is to assist victims with the emotional support that officers sometimes are unable to provide due to time constraints. These volunteers have the character, demeanor and training to give emotional support and referral assistance. Most have prior crisis counseling experience with public and private schools, youth jeopardy programs and organizations such as Victory Outreach, Children of the Night and the Asian American Drug Abuse Program. Hollenbeck's Crisis Response Team is a 24 hour "on-call" unit which will respond to incidents the Watch Commander determines are in the best interest of the victim(s). In addition, Hollenbeck's Crisis Response Team deploys its members twice a month during P.M. watch hours to offer its assistance to patrol officers.

General Volunteer Deployments

Hollenbeck Area values its volunteers' contributions and is therefore not hesitant to deploy them to the many regularly scheduled significant details. Those details include, but are not limited to, Hollenbeck's Annual Open House, Annual Mariachi Festival, Mexican Independence Day Parade, El Sereno's Independence Parade, Montecito's Jazz Festival, Lincoln Heights Weekend Sidewalk Sale, Dia de Los Muertos Parade, and the Los Angeles Police-Celebrity Golf Tournament.

For more information on the Volunteer Programs, you may contact the Volunteer Section Coordinators at 323-342-4149.