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Hollywood Community Police Activities League (PAL) Program

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What Is the Police Activities League (PAL)?

Our Mission
It is the purpose of the Hollywood Police Activities League, a community-based crime prevention program, to provide young people ages 6-17 with positive alternatives to gangs and drugs.  Through interaction with police officers in recreational, educational, athletic and fine arts activities, young people are given the opportunity to form healthy, positive attitudes toward the police, the society and the laws they represent.
Positive relationships between law enforcement professionals and children build a stronger community, as well as encourage good citizenship and respect for the law.

We have a responsibility to promote and safeguard the interests and general welfare of the youth in and around Hollywood and that all families, regardless of income level, should have access to affordable, safe after school activities for their children.

It is important to help develop an appreciation for discipline, hard work and goal setting amongst PAL participants and their families, which in turn provides the framework for individual and group achievements and a sense of pride for area youth.  

The camaraderie and friendships formed by our PAL kids offer positive peer support and enrich their childhood experience.
A Brief History of Our Organization
The Police Activities League is a youth crime prevention program first instituted in the 1930’s, which relies on a variety of athletic and recreational activities to cement a bond between police officers and youth. The program keeps “at-risk” kids off the street by providing them with positive alternatives to drugs and gangs and gives them a variety of ways to become more involved with their community.   PAL is a national program with a membership exceeding 1.5 million children aged 6 to 18.  PAL has more than 300 law enforcement agencies serving over 700 cities with 1,700 facilities throughout the United States.
The Hollywood PAL chapter, which was formed in 1996, aims to benefit youth by teaching skills and providing opportunities that might not normally be available.   With the help of several LAPD officers who work full-time with our youth, we strive to teach children to become productive, responsible and caring individuals. The success of our organization is achieved through the hard work and dedication of the many who give their time and resources.   Hollywood PAL offers martial arts, soccer, Hollywood Fit Club, Junior Police Academy, the Youth Leadership Council, and the PAL College Scholarship Program, as well as monthly special activities and field trips.

The martial arts program serves approximately 80-100 boys and girls, ages 6-17.   Tae Kwon Do classes are taught by former Commanding Officer of Hollywood Division, Ron Sanchez, assisted by another instructor.  The classes are broken down by rank or belt and PAL kids have the opportunity to compete in a variety of tournaments throughout the year.

Details: Hollywood PAL Karate Studio, 6411 Hollywood Blvd. - MWF 4-7pm; TTh 4-6pm.

Hollywood PAL soccer teams compete in the Anahuak Youth Soccer Association, as well as occasional tournaments.

Details: Practices are Mondays and Wednesdays between 6:00-9:00 pm at local area high schools.  Games are typically played on Saturdays or Sundays.

Hollywood Junior Police Academy is a truly unique program that teaches children, in a safe and wholesome environment, about what it is like to do actual police work. During the 8-week program, kids are exposed to all facets of the job by participating in a variety of workshops taught by LAPD experts. Activities include touring the Hollywood police station, learning about crime scene investigation, visiting the Piper Tech-Air Support Division, seeing what life is like in juvenile hall, meeting members of the Bomb Squad and K9 Bomb detection unit, watching motorcycle demonstrations, and much more.

Details: Call (323) 467-7114 for more information

Hollywood Fit Club allows children to participate in an assortment of fitness activities such as yoga, running, and a variety of other fitness activities.

Details: Call (323) 467-7114 for more information

The Hollywood PAL kids are also treated to a wide variety of field trips once a month, visiting places they might not otherwise have the resources to attend. The trips also provide a fun environment in which to bond with police officers. Examples of recent trips include visits to the Pantages Theatre, the beach, Galaxy games, Dodger games SAE recording studio, hiking, ice skating and the X-Games.

Every year Hollywood PAL sponsors National Night Out, the PAL Summer Picnic and a children's Holiday Party. The children also have an opportunity to participate in California PAL events, such as Beach Play Day, The Sacramento Experience and Life After High School.

To register for a Hollywood PAL program, please call (323) 467-7114 for more information. To sign up, you will need to bring a copy of your child’s latest report card and medical insurance/provider information.


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Gary Minzer, Outstanding Community Member
Gary Minzer
Outstanding Community Member