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Hollywood Police Support Association

The Hollywood Police Support Association (HPSA) was founded in 1983 as a state-chartered non-profit corporation to enhance police-community partnership, offering its member the opportunity to make a difference.

Supporting Police Sponsored Youth Activities

The Hollywood Area is an ethnically diverse region which includes many needy young people. We have had a great success turning young adults away from crime by working with them in activities such as the Cadet Program, Police Activities League (PAL), and the direct funding of youth programs sanctioned by the Police Department and approved by the Association's Board of Directors.

In addition to providing constructive outlets for youthful energy, the programs expose youngsters to a positive image of police officers. The Association assists by providing funds for professional staff, equipment, and supplies.

Encouraging Community Involvement in Making Our Neighborhoods Safe from Crime and Improving Our Quality of Live

The keynote of the Hollywood Police Support Association is involvement. It is our belief that identifying the changing needs of our community is the key to reducing crime and maintaining a good quality of life. A partnership between the community, business leaders, and the Police Department is essential.

With leadership and enthusiasm, we can make a difference. We encourage business and community leaders to join our association. Quarterly meetings at the Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and establish common goals.

Promoting Better Communication Between the Police, Business Leaders, and Members of the Community

The Association recognizes that communication gaps exist between police and the citizens they serve. We are taking decisive steps to establish better communication, and therefore better rapport, by initiating programs such as:

Community-Based Policing:
We are working more closely than ever before with the community to solve neighborhood crime problems. We recognize that community input is a valuable tool in the fight for our neighborhoods and are actively seeking involvement.

Total Quality Management:
We have established new management guidelines to assure that we deliver top quality service. Every police officer at every level is involved in our effort to provide the highest customer satisfaction.

Neighborhood Watch Programs:
We have launched an intensive effort to expand the highly successful neighborhood watch program. The concept is "you not only watch, but you actively participate in ensuring that you are safe, your neighbor is safe, and that you get the police service you need." Critical issues include relieving the fear of crime and reversing neighborhood decay.


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Gary Minzer, Outstanding Community Member
Gary Minzer
Outstanding Community Member