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Training Division Mission Statement and Overview

The mission of Training Division is to provide the best possible training for new officers, in-service officers, and police personnel from other agencies who avail themselves of our services. Training Division has three facilities, Elysian Park, Ahmanson Recruit Training Center, and Edward Davis Training Facility.

Training Division has approximately 208 sworn and approximately 78 civilian employees. The Commanding Officer is Captain Michelle Veenstra and the Assistant Commanding Officer is Captain Gregory C. Allen. Training Division has six Sections including: Course Coordination, Support, Police Sciences, Defensive Tactics, Firearms, and Instructional Systems.

The Course Coordination Section
, with units at both Elysian Park (EP) and the Ahmanson Recruit Training Center (ARTC), is responsible for recruit coordination, career development, detective training, field officers administrative unit, and the LAPD West Point Leadership Program.

The Support Section has personnel at all three facilities responsible for facility security, special projects, materials management, the Revolving Training Fund, and liaison with the William H. Parker Foundation.

Training Units has units at both EP and ARTC and is responsible for a large portion of the recruit training including academics, law, Spanish, human relations, field training services and the Department's video unit.

The Defensive Tactics Section has personnel at all three facilities and is responsible for arrest and control, physical training, self-defense, tactics and emergency vehicle operations.

The Firearms Section is responsible for all firearms related training and has facilities at both the Edward M. Davis Training Facility (DTF) and at EP.