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The deployment of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Gang and Narcotics Division (GND) is a revolutionary change in law enforcement strategy.  The GND is one component of the LAPD Gang Initiatives 2009 “total solution” to combat the gang and drug problem in the City of Los Angeles.  The consolidation of the Gang Operations Support Division and Narcotics Division into GND fosters greater efficiency and facilitates the rapid deployment of resources to identified crime problems.  Since there is a nexus of guns, gangs, narcotics, and crime, the increased cooperation between experienced gang and narcotics investigators will result in more effective investigations, a quantifiable increase in arrests and a reduction in the crime rate.  Joint operations between narcotics and gang detectives, in cooperation with other City entities and resources, will also be developed to abate chronic narcotic and gang locations.  The GND will be focused on disrupting violent gangs with allied law enforcement agencies and expand the highly successful High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) Task Forces to reduce violent gang crime. Anthony Oddo  is the Commanding Officer of Gang and Narcotics Division.

The mission of Gang and Narcotics Division is to disrupt violent street gangs and the means by which they support their lifestyle, including the manufacture, transportation, sale and use of illicit drugs, and sales of firearms in the greater Los Angeles area.  Gang and Narcotics Division’s enforcement efforts also focus on street-level enforcement strategies to effect a reduction in Part I crimes, thereby resolving community problems and facilitating uniformed officer’s involvement.

  • Staff Services Detail
  • Department Confidential Informant Coordinator
  • Filing Detail
  • Logistics/Electronics Detail
  • Training Detail

  • 9Y460 Surveillance Squad
  • Parcel Squad
  • LAX Squad
  • HIDTA 44 Squad
  • HIDTA 51 Squad
  • HIDTA 52 Squad
  • Asset Forfeiture Investigative Detail
  • DEA Group 2
  • DEA Drug Diversion Task Force

  • NAU Squad 1
  • NAU Squad 2
  • LA IMPACT Group 4
  • LA IMPACT Group 12 (Lab Squad)
  • K9 Squad
  • Buy Team
  • JDIG Liaison

  • Gang Administrative Detail
  • CLEAR Liaison
  • Asian Crime Unit
  • Gun Unit
  • Gang Field Unit

  • FBI Gang Task Force
  • FBI Fugitive Task Force
  • U.S. Marshal’s Task Force
  • Fugitive Warrant Squad (Valley/West)
  • Fugitive Warrant Squad (Central/South)
  • Warrant Verification
  • Rendition
  • Parolee at Large Squad

Useful Weblinks:

Reporting the Diversion of Controlled Pharmaceuticals

Currently, many problems associated with drug abuse are the result of legitimately made controlled substances being diverted from their lawful purpose to illicit use and drug trafficking.  Many of the narcotics, depressants, and stimulants manufactured for legitimate medical use are subject to abuse and have, therefore, been brought under legal control. 

As a result, the Los Angeles Police Department has partnered up with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to prevent, detect, and investigate the diversion of controlled pharmaceuticals within the City of Los Angeles.

Diversion investigations involve, but are not limited to, physicians who sell prescriptions to drug dealers or abusers; pharmacists who falsify records and subsequently sell the drugs; employees who steal from inventory and falsify orders to cover illicit sales; individuals who obtain prescriptions through fraud and forgery; and individuals who commit armed robbery of pharmacies and drug distributors. 

To report concerns, click here-->diversion of prescription medications. Or call the DEA at: 213 621- 6700.

Additional information can be found at DEA’s website at:

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN)

Gives detailed information about substance abuse and admissions at participating hospitals.

University of California, Los Angeles Integrated Substance Abuse

Extremely useful information about drug abuse, addiction, emerging research and treatment,

The National Institute on Drugs and Addiction (NIDA)

The NIDA has excellent resources for parents, teachers and children concerning drug abuse and addiction.  Informational pamphlets for parents, teachers, and children are available for ordering free of charge.

“Stumble Weed Magazine,” concerns marijuana and use by young adults and preteens.

Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office “Fighting Gangs and Violence”

Taking Out Urban Gang Headquarters (TOUGH) Program

The City Attorney’s Office’s TOUGH program focuses on abating nuisance properties involving extensive gang activity. Working with LAPD and other law enforcement agencies, the TOUGH program files lawsuits seeking aggressive and specifically tailored injunctive relief against property owners and gang members, including stay away orders, closure of properties, hiring of security guards, installation of video camera systems and other remedial improvements to the properties.