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Specialized Enforcement Section (Motors & Commercial Enforcement)

Specialized Enforcement Unit (COMMERCIAL VEHCILE COMPLAINTS)
Police Administration Building
100 West First Street, 4th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90012
(213) 486-0688

Motorcycle Training Unit
Edward M. Davis Training Facility
12001 Blucher Avenue
Granada Hills, California 91344
(213) 486-0688

Motor Garage Liaison
Central Motor Garage
519 South Wall Street
Los Angeles, California 90013
(213) 485-3228

The Specialized Enforcement Section (SES) of Emergency Operations Division consists of two Units and a liaison representative:
  • Motorcycle Training Unit (MTU)
  • Specialized Enforcement Unit (SEU)
  • Motor Garage Liaison
Since its inception, SES has been comprised of specially selected, highly trained and motivated, and dedicated motor personnel.  They are responsible for a myriad of motor-related responsibilities deemed critical by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).  As such, the requirements and expectations required to be a member of SES, either as an officer or supervisor are exceptionally high.  Currently, SES consists of one (1) motorcycle lieutenant, one (1) motorcycle sergeant and eleven (10) motorcycle officers.  The Section is responsible for several functions related to commercial vehicle enforcement and motorcycle related training for LAPD, including outside allied law enforcement agencies throughout California.

Specialized Enforcement Unit (Commercial Enforcement)
  • Investigating specific commercial vehicle violation complaints.
  • Enforcing the provisions of Title 13 of the California Code of Regulations and Vehicle Code pertaining to commercial vehicle violations.
  • Selective enforcement of all traffic laws Citywide.
  • Monitoring all types of commercial trucking activity on City streets.
  • Enforcing 80.36.1 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) for 6,000 pound weight limit on restricted streets.
  • Recommending routes of travel at “dirt haul” construction projects and coordinating the enforcement of available California Vehicle Code and LAMC laws.
  • Providing instruction to companies on proper maintenance of commercial vehicle safety equipment and proper loading techniques to comply with weight laws.
  • Providing certification of correction service on Los Angeles issued commercial equipment violations for local industry.
  • Conducting routine checks for permit violations pertaining to overweight, size, and route restrictions by permit holders.
California Commercial Vehicle Length Law Informational Video
  • Maintaining liaison with the Street Use Department in order to coordinate permit enforcement and compliance with dirt haul routes.
  • Responding Citywide, all hours, to major accidents involving large trucks where death or serious injury occurs for the purpose of providing technical expertise on faulty equipment.  Appear in court and provide expert testimony when required.
  • Administering LAPD’s commercial vehicle Owner’s Responsibility citation program, which also requires the maintaining and storage of commercial vehicle traffic complaint files.
  • Serving complaint summons and notifications to companies for failure to appear on commercial enforcement equipment violations involving owner’s responsibility.
  • Providing instructors upon request to teach traffic enforcement, “commercial policy,” and procedures to Department personnel.
  • Maintaining liaison with various government agencies, including the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) for the purpose of providing a uniformed commercial enforcement program Countywide.
  • Participating in monthly Multi-Agency Commercial Truck Task Force (MASFO) operations in the Post of Los Angeles to conduct:
  • Homeland security through traffic management and commercial truck safety inspections (i.e., Level I, II and III);
  • Container inspections with the assistance of the United States Coast Guard; and,
  • Working closely with Port, Long Beach and Torrance Police Departments, including CHP, LASD, United States Coast Guard and the City Attorney’s Office.
  • Attending the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Transportation Ad-Hoc Working Group for commercial enforcement, which addresses issues and ordinances related to the commercial trucking industry.
Specialized Enforcement Unit (Motorcades and Motor Escorts)
  • Coordinating all motorcycles escorts and motorcades involving dignitary movements within the City of Los Angeles, which requires liaison with the United States Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Metropolitan Division.
  • Coordinating all funeral escorts and motorcades for deceased sworn personnel at the request of the Employee Assistant Unit, Employee Assistance Unit.
  • Deploying less lethal equipped motor personnel for motor strike team operations.
Motorcycle Training Unit (Motorcycle Instruction and Related Motor Activities)
  • Compiling the motor officer candidate list and tracking all candidates to ensure the required training has been completed within the established guidelines.  Maintaining motor officer examination results who have requested assignment to traffic enforcement duties.
  • Conducting 200-hour Peace Officer and Standards Training (POST) certified Basic Motorcycle Riding School.
  • Conducting annual 16-hour POST certified In-Service Motor Schools for all active full duty motor riding personnel.
  • Conducting 40-hour Motorcycle Undercover Riding School for members of the Department’s vice and narcotics units, including the FBI special agents.
  • Conducting eight-hour recertification ride-a-longs with prior Department motor personnel who are returning to a riding assignment.
  • Conducting BMW two-day transition schools for motor personnel assigned a BMW motorcycle.
  • Assisting Motor Transport Division (MTD) in the testing and evaluation of two-wheel motorcycles in order to insure those submitted for bid meet the specified technical performance requirements prior to purchase by the City.
  • Participating in LASD’s annual and nationally recognized motorcycle testing program, which serves as a major source of information relative to police motorcycles and their use for all law enforcement agencies.
  • Providing motorcycle riding certification to mechanics assigned to MTD’s motorcycle repair shops.
  • Inspecting all City issued motor officer safety equipment (i.e., helmets, gloves, glasses, boots and breeches) prior to replacement by Supply Section.
  • Reviewing and approving requisitions for new motor officer safety equipment and forwarding approved requisitions to Supply Section.
  • Administering the Department’s motor officer Safe Riding Award Tie Bar program.
  • Providing motor officers as instructors to Areas and divisions conducting training days.
  • Field testing all new motorcycle equipment and motor officer safety equipment and maintaining a list of acceptable modifications in conjunction with MTD.
  • Maintaining liaison with other POST certified motorcycle training schools throughout California in order to insure standardized training and minimum acceptable performance levels.
  • Coordinating the policies, procedures and training for LAPD’s Motor Strike Team (MST) concept and maintaining documentation defining such tactics.
  • Coordinating and conducting MST cross-training with motor personnel from the CHP, Los Angeles and Ventura County Sheriff’s Department and other local allied law enforcement agencies.
  • Conducting quarterly Motor Rapid Response Preparedness (MRRP) impromptu inspections of Department motor personnel at undisclosed locations within the geographic bureaus to determine response readiness for MST operations, motorcades and motor escorts. 
  • Providing personnel for Command Posts when motor resources are involved.
Motor Garage Liaison
The Motor Garage Liaison officer works closely with the mechanics and supervisors at Motor Transport Division’s (MTD) Central Motor Garage Facility to identify and resolve mechanic failures or concern expressed by motor personnel regarding the Department’s fleet of motorcycles.  Other duties include:
  • Maintaining LAPD’s motorcycle issuance lists and assigning all two-wheeled Department-issued motorcycles.
  • Maintaining liaison with MTD’s Fleet Services Manager.
  • Road testing all motorcycles after a traffic accident.
  • Assisting Motor Transport Division in developing motorcycle specifications and road testing new products.
  • Ensuring Department motorcycles are not altered or modified by motor personnel without proper authorization.
  • Maintaining motor personnel deployment, assignment of motorcycles, and spare motorcycles operated by the Department.