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Welcome to the Los Angeles Police Concert Band
under the Direction of
Maestro Richard Allen

The LAPD Band serves as ambassador for the City of Los Angeles throughout the United States and abroad. The band has performed for presidents, kings, queens, and for inaugurations of police chiefs and mayors. Now under the direction of Maestro Richard Allen, the band has become a premiere concert band, the pride of the Police Department and the City of Los Angeles.

Throughout its history, the LAPD Band has been at the disposal of the Los Angeles Police Department and the City of Los Angeles to perform at official functions. In addition, the band also performs for the Department of Parks and Recreation, Fire Department, United States Armed Forces, and numerous other law enforcement, government and civic organizations.

The Los Angeles Police Concert Band is proud of its Director and Maestro, Richard Allen, and his two 2016 theatre awards:

The "Robby" Award For Excellence in Theatre and
The Stage Scene LA "Scenies" 2015-2016 Award For Outstanding Musical Direction.

Congratulations, Maestro!

(Rehearsal at the Academy)                    (At graduation on 3-17-17)

The LAPD Band is an all-volunteer group of musicians dedicated to giving their very best for the band, the police department and the community. Under the direction of Maestro Richard Allen, the band enjoys playing exciting music, increasing their skills as musicians,  and most of all, having lots of fun.

In addition to the concert band, the LAPD Swing Band, The LAPD Dixieland
   Band, and the LAPD Jazz Combo continue to
   entertain audiences throughout Southern 
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