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Police Training and Education

1880 N. Academy Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The Director, Police Training and Education is under the direction of the Commanding Officer, Training Group. The Director, Police Training and Education exercises line command and has staff responsibility over matters within the jurisdiction of the Director, Police Training and Education. 

The Commanding Officer of Police Training and Education is Director, Luann P. Pannell, Ph.D.

Director, Police Training and Education Responsibility

The Director, Police Training and Education is responsible for:

▪ Reviewing and evaluating policies, curricula, and program delivery.
▪ Ensuring compliance with established criteria and effectiveness of instruction for all Department sponsored training programs.
▪ Assessing existing training programs.
▪ Reviewing criteria for implementing new training programs.
▪ Consulting in the selection and training of Department instructors.
▪ Assisting in policy development for academic training.
▪ Facilitating the continuity and relevance of all academic training programs.
▪ Designing general methods of evaluating the effectiveness of training in the field.
▪ Formulating recommendations for improvements in short and long term retention of instruction.
▪ Verifying compliance and effectiveness of all training programs and approaches.
▪ Identifying training problem areas and recommending modifications.
▪ Advising management on problems related to police training programs and administration.
▪ Researching methods to improve instructional and learning processes.
▪ Formulating strategies to aid instructors in training methods and content of instruction.
▪ Advising Department of current developments in educational methodology applicable to police training.
▪ Assisting management on training-related contacts with outside organizations.
▪ Maintaining contact with professional associations to keep abreast of the latest developments in the training and education field.
▪ Participating on various committees as assigned.