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A Plan of Action for the Los Angeles That Is and the Los Angeles That Could Be

These documents strive to do two very different things and in so doing, they encapsulate the best thinking of the people inside our agency and many of the residents of our city with whom we have spoken with during the past two years.

The first volume describes what we inside LAPD are doing and planning to do with what we have today to make Los Angeles as safe a city as possible. This volume explains how the police officers and detectives of the LAPD achieved a 21% drop in murder last year and through the first half 2004 two-year reductions of:

  • 18.2% in murder
  • 15.9% in violent crime
  • 8.3% in total crime

The second volume describes what LAPD would do with significantly more resources to make every neighborhood a place where families can live, work, or play without fear of gangs, violence, drugs, or intimidation.

This report is currently being offered in three different formats for the varying Internet connections available:

  1. Broadband (Cable/DSL) Single Adobe Acrobat File
  2. Dial-Up (56k) Single Adobe Acrobat File
  3. Dial-Up (56k) Adobe Acrobat, Split Files, Clickable Through the Table of Contents
Plan of Action - Single File, High Resolution PDF (16.2Mb)
Plan of Action - Single File, Web Optimized PDF (2Mb)
Plan of Action - Split Files [PDF]
Volume 1 (148Kb) (Split Files, Web Optimized, - Clickable through the Table of Contents)
Volume 2 (664Kb) (Single File, Not Clickable)