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Cory Palka, Commander

Cory Palka

Operation West Bureau


Police Commander Cory
is a 34-year veteran of the LAPD and has risen
through the ranks as a compassionate, energetic and strong

Commander Palka response during the 2020 Nationwide protests
for police accountability in Los Angeles, was applauded by
Department leaders, sworn officers, elected officials, activists,
and stakeholders for his peace keeping efforts.

Commander Palka's roots in Los Angeles began in 1966, when he and
his family of eleven settled into the Mar Vista Gardens
low-income housing community in Pacific Area. Palka identified
that decade in his youth as the "framing years" of his life. He
credits his father for demonstrating and influencing him to
engage in community service, civic responsibility, selfless
sacrifice and flat-out hard work.

A student-athlete, Commander Palka graduated from Venice High
School in 1981 and attended West Los Angeles Community College
followed by California State University, Sacramento, where he
received a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. Commander Palka
earned a fellowship grant to the University of Southern
California (USC) as part of a City of Los Angeles-USC Fellowship
Program. In May of 1992, he received his Master's Degree in
Public Administration from the University of Southern California.

Commander Palka was promoted to Sergeant in 1996 and was
recognized as Supervisor of the Year in LAPD's West Valley Area.
After promoting to Lieutenant, he was recognized again as
Supervisor of the Year in Rampart Area where he worked both as a
watch commander and as the Officer in Charge of the Rampart Area
Gang Impact Team. Commander Palka also introduced the "Roll Call
in the Streets" concept within Rampart Area in 2008. "Roll Call
in the Streets" is currently used City-wide by all LAPD Commands
and is utilized as a "best practice" in policing throughout the
United States of America today.

Commander Palka has held assignments in a wide range of field
operations and has been assigned to West, Central, South and
Valley Bureaus spanning three plus decades.

In 2011, Commander Palka participated in LAPD's response to the
Occupy Los Angeles movement at Los Angeles City Hall while
assigned to Central Area. He also spent three years at Internal
Affairs Group as an investigator in the Workplace Investigations
Unit and was a major-case investigator.

In 2013, Commander Palka was promoted to the rank of Captain and
served as the Commanding Officer of Hollywood Patrol, an
assignment suited for a man with a passion and talent for
cultivating strong relationships within both the community,
government, and the Department.

Commander Palka continued his career as the Area Commanding
Officer of 77th Street Area in south Los Angeles in 2014. At 77th
Street Area, Commander Palka collaborated with Dave Anderson,
Chief Executive Officer of Learn to Lead, to deliver leadership
development throughout the 77th Street command. Commander Palka
and Mr. Anderson introduced LAPD's "Shop with a Cop" program
within the south Los Angeles community. "Shop with a Cop"
partners cops and kids each August to obtain back to school
supplies. Along with Mr. Anderson, Palka began the Dave Anderson
Annual Youth Scholarship Award Program which provides scholarship
monies to LAPD Youth Program students. In 2017, Anderson wrote
extensively about Palka's leadership in his book,

In 2016, Commander Palka returned to Hollywood Area as the
Commanding Officer. Both 77th Street and Hollywood Area commands
are two of the busiest commands in the LAPD with over 350 sworn

Commander Palka's relationship-based policing style, combined
with his solid rapport with community groups and government
leaders, helped create an environment where community members,
business owners and tourists visiting Los Angeles could thrive to
their fullest potentials.

In 2018, Palka also received an "Excellence in Leadership" award
and was recognized by the Chief of Police for his leadership
efforts in Hollywood. In 2019, Palka was recognized by the
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and was the recipient of the
"Heroes of Hollywood" award. He was also the 2019 recipient of
the Hollywood Police Activities League award of merit for his
work with the youth program in the Hollywood community.

In May of 2019, Palka presented the entire Hollywood Command to
the Chief of Police as part of the celebration of the Los Angeles
Police Department's 150th Anniversary. The historic event was
attended by community leaders, elected officials and media.

In the summer of 2019, Cory Palka was promoted to the rank of
Police Commander and is currently assigned to Operations-West
Bureau as the Assistant Commanding Officer. He oversees six
police stations/commands on the west side of Los Angeles, with
1,466 sworn personnel and 151 civilian personnel. He brings to
the table energy, engagement and experience. The six commands in
Operations-West Bureau realized an overall crime reduction in
2019 of 5.7%. Through the first six-months of 2020, which
included the COVID-19 pandemic and recent protests, the Bureau
has continued to see a sharp decrease in overall crime of 11.5%
under Palka's leadership. At the same time calls for service
increased by 4%.

In 2020, Palka was recognized by the Friends of Hollywood Central
Park for his outstanding leadership and unwavering commitment to
the Hollywood community.

Commander Palka has attended the Federal Bureau of Investigation
(FBI) National Academy. He also attended the Senior Management
Institute of Police in Boston, Massachusetts studying at Boston
University. Commander Palka is also a graduate of USC's
Delinquency Control Institute and LAPD's West Point Leadership
Development Program. He has also been an adjunct instructor at
the junior college level and taught in LAPD's DARE Program early
in his career. He currently is an instructor in the LAPD's
Leadership Program and Command Development School.

Commander Palka will conclude a nearly 35-year career in early

Commander Palka is looking forward to continuing his mission of
building community/business relationships in retirement.