Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

Carl Drake

  • Rank: Policeman
  • Serial Number: Unknown
  • Division: Wilshire
  • Location: 11880 Budlong Ave.
  • Date Killed: Tuesday, February 23, 1926
  • Cause of Death: Shot Accidentally


Ofcr Drake and another man went to the location in an attempt to serve a search warrant on a known bootlegging lay over house. The new home owner moved in 10 days prior and was not involved in the prior inhabitants bootlegging activity. When Ofcr Drake knocked on the door and demanded entry, the home owner asked to see the search warrant. When Ofcr Drake refused to ID himself or provide the search warrant, the home owner armed himself with a .45 revolver. Ofcr Drake and another man then began to kick in the front door. The home owner warned Ofcr Drake that he was armed and would open fire if he continued to try to break in. Ofcr Drake and the other man continued their actions and the home owner fired one .45 cal bullet through the front door. The home owner called the Police to report the incident. Responding Officers located Ofcr Drake’s accomplice walking along the street with blood stained clothes. Ofcrs followed the blood trail back to an abandoned house and discovered the body of Ofcr Drake. Follow up investigation showed several doctored court documents and search warrants in Ofcr Drakes residence. And his accomplice was a parolee from Chicago with an extensive criminal record. The home owner was not charged in the shooting of Officer Drake.