PURPOSE: On September 28, 2020, the California State Senate approved Senate Bill (SB)
388, which became effective on January 1, 2021. This Bill mandates that if a missing person has not been found within 30 days and is also determined to be at-risk pursuant to California Penal Code (PC) Section 14215(b), and if the missing person’s dental and/or skeletal
x-rays and treatment notes have not otherwise been obtained by investigators, the lead investigating agency shall execute a written declaration stating that an active investigation into the missing person’s location is being conducted and that the dental or x-rays, or both, and treatment notes, are necessary for the exclusive purpose of furthering the investigation. The declaration shall be taken to the dentist, physician, surgeon or medical facility in order to obtain the release of the dental or skeletal x-rays or both, and treatment notes, to secure those records. Applicable records shall be submitted to the Attorney General’s Office to be entered into the Violent Crime Information Center’s database. The Attorney General’s Office will forward the information to the National Crime Information Center pursuant to 142120 PC.

Although the Department’s current procedures meet the requirement of SB 388, this Order serves to clarify these procedures in the Department Manual.

PROCEDURE: Department Manual Section 4/712.10, Missing/Found Persons, has been revised. Attached is the revised Manual Section with the revisions indicated in italics.

AMENDMENTS: This Order amends Section 4/712.10 of the Department Manual.

AUDIT RESPONSIBILITY: The Commanding Officer, Audit Division, shall review this directive and determine whether an audit or inspection shall be conducted in accordance with Department Manual Section 0/080.30.

Approved by:
Chief of Police