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Metro Division Personnel

Metropolitan Division actively promotes LAPD's diversity goals in personnel recruitment and advancement.

The personnel selected for assignment to Metropolitan Division must have established a high proficiency rating within the Department, as well as have a minimum of four years of service.  Applicants must be in outstanding physical condition and pass the Metro physical fitness qualification (PFQ) test, which consists of a long distance run for time, sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups. Applicants must also have a current Department shooting bonus. Supervisory personnel in Metropolitan Division thoroughly investigate each applicant.  All applicants are interviewed and, if selected to continue, candidates are placed on an eligibility list.

Due to the highly specialized nature of Metropolitan Division’s mandates and functions, personnel assigned to Metropolitan Division receive intensive training in numerous police functions. Considerable time is devoted to crowd management and advanced tactical weapons training. Specialized training is also provided for shotgun slug usage, less lethal devices, shoulder weapons, officer/citizen rescue, building searches, airborne deployment, crisis negotiation and domestic violence. As such, Metropolitan personnel are well-suited to provide advanced level in-service training.  Metropolitan Division has created a training cadre to provide advanced training to other members of the Department in key police functions such as immediate action response, counter terrorism, and crowd management.