The Department’s Complaint Investigations: A Guide for Supervisors indicates that all personnel complaints with their preliminary investigations must be forwarded to Internal Affairs Group(IAG) within 10 calendar days of initiating the complaint. The purpose of this 10- day period is to a11ow enough intake time to conduct a thorough preliminary investigation and increase the number of non-disciplinary resolutions before they are sent to IAG for investigation.

A review of the 10-day timeframe’s efficacy has shown that it is not enough to perform the kind of comprehensive preliminary investigation needed to identify and quickly close out as many non-disciplinary complaints as possible at the intake stage. To accommodate the necessary work, intake supervisors now have 15 days to complete the preliminary investigation. The additional time will allow investigators to gather more information and review relevant video. This will increase the quality of preliminary investigations submitted to IAG.

Commanding officers have the discretion to increase the preliminary investigation period from 15 to 20 days if the commanding officer believes that the five additional days will a11ow the investigator to complete the investigation and recommend an immediate adjudication, such as Demonstrably False. The extension date, justification, and approving commanding officer should be documented in the complaint intake narrative and Chronological Log Summary.

The Guide will be updated to reflect the above-referenced changes.

Any questions maybe directed to the Internal Affairs Group, Review and Evaluation Section, at (213)996-2771.


DEBRA J. McCARTHY, Deputy Chief
Commanding officer
Professional Standards Bureau

BOB GREEN, Deputy Chief
Chief of Staff
Office of the Chief of Police

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