LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Addresses False Reports On His Position On Prop 57 NR16326jr

October 17, 2016

Amid several recently published false reports, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck reaffirmed that he does not support nor has he taken a position on Proposition 57. If passed, Prop 57 would modify California state law and the California Constitution to allow early release for certain felony offenders and require judges, instead of prosecutors, to determine whether a juvenile will be tried as an adult.

While the Chief understands that the proposition involves a difficult issue for California voters, he has not taken a position on the measure, in accordance with the policies and directives of the City of Los Angeles.

Chief Beck has stated on many occasions he understands the merits for and against this important ballot measure. However, in recent days Beck’s neutral stance has been misinterpreted as being in favor of the measure. Beck denies those claims and reaffirms a stance he has held for his 7 years as Chief of Police. He will never take a stand on a proposition when the city council or the mayor has not. He believes his job is to educate the public on the positive and negative impacts of ballot initiatives, with the ultimate goal of creating a safer Los Angeles.