LAPD Hollywood Officers Help a Young Man Who Lost His Father on Vacation Fly Home NR16136ti

April 27, 2016

Los Angeles: A father and son while vacationing in Hollywood suffered a tragic medical emergency and tragic loss.

On April 24, 2016, around 12:15 p.m., a 37-year-old Juan Fernandez who was vacationing from Illinois with his 13-year-old son passed away due to what appeared to be natural circumstances. The son had no family here in Los Angeles and there was an issue of how he was going to get home to his mother in Illinois.

Officer Greg Chin and Officer Stuart Jaye assisted with the investigation and were determined to get the young man home. Reserve Officer Drew Terenzini heard what had happened and offered his assistance.

Officers contacted Southwest Airlines to re-schedule the sons return flight, because he had missed his earlier flight due his father’s death and the investigation. Southwest Airlines was having difficulty re-scheduling the return flight. Without hesitation, Reserve Officer Terenzini offered his Southwest Rapid Rewards airline mileage to ensure the young man made it home his mother that day.

While waiting for the flight, Officers contacted the Southwest Airline Grief Unit and they moved the young man to the front of the line and assigned a flight attendant to assist him during his flight home. Today, Southwest Airlines reached out to the family of the deceased to assist with the transportation of his remains and personal effects.

If you have and questions regarding this incident, please contact the Los Angeles Police Department, Hollywood Division, Sergeant Ben Fernandes at 213-972-2900.