LAPD Statement Regarding Claims About DNA Rape Kit Testing NR18141ll

May 17, 2018

Los Angeles: In December of 2008, The Los Angeles Police Department identified 6,132 untested Sexual Assault Evidence Kits and committed significant resources and personnel to eliminate the entire backlog.

Dozens of our most senior Detectives including Chief Charlie Beck, who was the Chief of Detectives at the time scoured through long term storage freezers cataloging the kits in an effort to get them tested.

LAPD’s Scientific Investigation Division developed a five-year plan to outsource the testing process while the city hired and trained personnel to manage the kits “in-house” going forward.

Despite an economic recession, the City spent more than $10 million to hire 50 additional Criminalists and support personnel, which tripled the size of the unit over that five year period and by 2011 the original 6,132 kits were cleared. That backlog remains cleared to this day and is a testament to the dedication of the men and women of this organization and the extraordinary political leadership of this City, both past and present.