Personal Security IV

October 8, 2001

Los Angeles: Los Angeles attracts all types of people and the majority of them are law-abiding. Most criminals often plan their crimes by looking for the right opportunity and the easiest victim. The best defense is a personal security plan aimed at reducing the opportunity for criminals. The Los Angeles Police Department believes the public can reduce the risk of victimization by applying a few simple precautions. Additionally, the Department encourages the public to practice the following crime prevention measures to increase personal safety and security in the home.
Intruders in your home:

If you are at home and you suspect someone is trying to break in, call your local community police station, immediately.

If confronted by an intruder, remain as calm as possible.

Consider your safety and that of your family as the highest priority.

Choose a strategy such as negotiating, fleeing, screaming, fighting or complying, whichever seems safest and most effective relative to the situation.

Telephone Calls:

Do not give your telephone number to "wrong telephone number" callers. Ask the caller "What telephone number are you calling?"
Check references of any person seeking information about you for a survey, credit check or subscription drive. Call the agency or company the person works for and verify the identity and intent of the telephone call.
Never reveal to a stranger or "wrong telephone number" caller, your address or that you are home alone.
If you receive a threatening, harassing or obscene telephone call, notify your local community police station and your telephone company.
Keep a record of the date, time and content of each call.

Commander Sharon Papa, spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department states, "The Los Angeles Police Department encourages you to practice these crime prevention tips. A personal security plan is your best defense. Develop a plan and in the event of an assault or emergency, follow it."
For additional information or to obtain a copy of crime prevention circulars, contact Sergeant Michael Peterson at the Community Liaison/Crime Prevention Unit, 213-485-3143, or visit "Crime Prevention Tips".
This media advisory was prepared by Public Information Officer Victoria Diaz, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.