To ensure commanding officers are aware of complaints of misconduct involving employees within their command when Internal Affairs Group (lAG) is conducting the investigation, Administrative Records Section (ARS), lAG provides a copy of the Complaint Form to the command of each accused employee as notification. Because it is essential that commanding officers receive this information in the initial stage of the investigation to make critical decisions or take appropriate action, lAG is implementing additional steps for timely notification.

Effective immediately, lAG investigating officers are required to notify the involved commanding officers (divisional, group and bureau) by email, telephone, or in person, depending on the nature and circumstances of the complaint. This notification shall be made immediately after the investigating officer is assigned the case, documented in the Complaint Management System Chrono Log Summary (chronological record), and include:

• The name(s) and Serial Nos. of the accused employee(s);
• The Complaint Form (CF) No.; and
• The nature of the allegations.

This notification is not made when the identity of the accused employee is unknown or the investigation is masked and therefore restricted. When the complaint involves command staff, the notifications are made to the commanding officers at the next level.

Questions regarding this Notice should be directed to ARS, lAG, at (213) 996-2952.



ROBERT E. MARINO, Deputy Chief
Commanding Officer
Professional Standards Bureau

DOMINIC H. CHOI, Deputy Chief
Chief of Staff
Office of the Chief of Police


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