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Traffic Collision Report

To Obtain Traffic Reports via United States Mail

To request a report through the United States Mail, download and complete the Traffic Collision Report Request and return it with a $18.00 check or money order payable to the LAPD (do not send cash) to:

Los Angeles Police Department
Records and Identification Division
P.O. Box 30158
Los Angeles, CA 90030

Download the Traffic Collision Report Request Form

If you are unable to print or view the form, please make sure your written request includes:

  1. Type of report – Traffic
  2. Requester’s Name, Address, and Telephone Number
  3. LAPD Report (DR) Number
  4. Requester’s Date of Birth
  5. Name(s) of party(ies) listed in report
  6. Date and Time of occurrence
  7. Location of occurrence
  8. License Plate Number and State of Registration of involved vehicle(s)
  9. Your interest in the report (i.e. involved party, authorized representative, insurance company, or parent/guardian). Include release forms for authorized parties and insurance companies and proof of relationship for parents/guardians.
  10. Include the declaration, “I declare this statement is true and correct, sign and date your request."

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