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Crime Mapping and COMPSTAT


Starting on March 7th, 2024, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) adopted a new Records Management System (RMS) for reporting crimes and arrests. This new RMS not only streamlines internal processes, but also ensures full compliance with the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) standards mandated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

During this transition, users will temporarily see only incidents reported in the retiring crime reporting system. However, the LAPD is actively working on generating new NIBRS datasets to ensure a smoother and more efficient reporting system.

crime map icon Get up-to-date crime statistics for neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. Being informed about crime in your community is the first step in preventing future occurrences. Go to Crime Mapping.

To view only the crimes reported by the Los Angeles Police Department: Click on the Crime Mapping Agencies tab, then click the drop down arrow in the Only show crime reported by window and select Los Angeles Police, CA, and then click the Agencies tab again to maximize the page view.

The Los Angeles Police Department will directly feed its crime data to the Omega Group to ensure that each crime is reported accurately on the site. The records themselves are also put through an exclusive data scrubbing process that works to locate each crime incident geographically, to a hundred block. A link to the crime maps can be found by clicking on Crimemapping in the left navigation.

Once on the Crimemapping.com site, users can “filter” crimes from a list of law enforcement agencies that provide data to the site, and click on Part One crimes for specific information such as the date and time each crime occurred. Important links are also provided, as well a feature that allows users to view crime trends and subscribe to receive free Crime Alerts via e-mail when new activity occurs in their area.

The Los Angeles Police Department provides the public with easy access, for current crime information through our free crime mapping service to view Part I crimes.

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