Overview of Commercial Crimes Division

100 West First Street, Room 530
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Commercial Crimes Division (CCD) was established in May 2003 by merging Burglary Auto Theft Division (BAD) and Financial Crimes Division (FCD) into one. The investigative responsibilities have not changed. The division is divided into 7 sections: Burglary Special Section (BSS), Violent Crime Special Section (VCSS) Commercial Auto Theft Section (CATS), Taskforce for Regional Auto Theft Prevention (TRAP), Fraud, Metropolitan Forgery, and Valley/ West Los Angeles Forgery Sections.

The Burglary Auto Theft Sections provide logistical, technical and investigative support to Area detectives, and has primary investigative responsibility on certain select burglary, theft, auto theft and robbery crimes on a citywide basis. In addition, these sections are responsible for enforcing state law and Police Commission rules and regulations governing pawnshops, junk dealers and any other business handling secondhand merchandise.

The Financial Crimes sections are tasked with the citywide investigative responsibility for all forgery and fraud related white-collar crimes. The financial sections are divided into three sections: Metropolitan Forgery, Valley/ West Los Angeles Forgery, and Fraud. The primary responsibilities for the aforementioned sections are outlined below.

Captain III Lillian L. Carranza is the Commanding Officer of Commercial Crimes Division.