Permit Requirements for Cafe Entertainment/Shows

Cafe Entertainment/Shows P519
Los Angeles Police Commission Police Permit Requirements

Reference: L.A.M.C. 103.102 / L.A.M.C. 12.70/ board rules – none

Any business which regularly provides any form of live entertainment including karaoke is required to have a live entertainment police permit (p519)

This permit is not required for:

  • musicians or vocalists at dances where a current dance hall permit(p519) exists
  • in conjunction with carnival permit

Who must apply? All legal owner(s) of business must apply.

A) Corporation: three (3) officers of the corporation

B) Partnership: all general partners (not limited/silent partners)

C) Sole proprietorship: legal owner of business

Documentation Required:

  • Corporation: articles of incorporation, minutes from annual general meeting stating election of officers. Statement of domestic stock.
  • Partnership: notarized legal partnership agreement (state form, all partners’signatures ).
  • Purchase agreement (of business) i.e. escrow documents.
  • Deed or lease to location of business.
  • Zoning referral slip from building and safety department.
  • Copy of current liquor license (ABC license).

Property will be inspected by commission staff upon receipt of application.