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Animal Cruelty Task Force

24-hour notification hotline 213-486-0450

The City of Los Angeles Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACTF) became operational on October 1, 2005. The ACTF is comprised of Department of Animal Services Officers, Los Angeles Police Department Detectives, and the Office of the City Attorney. Its mission is to break the connection between animal abuse and human violence. It is also the ACTF’s mission to educate the diverse communities within Los Angeles about the significance of animal cruelty, neglect, and/or abuse. Since its inception, there have been 31 felony and 14 misdemeanor arrests involving animal cruelty.

It is requested that anyone who encounters cruelty, neglect, and/or abuse to animals, report such cases to the ACTF. Anyone who observes dog fighting, gamecock fighting, or other forms of blood sport activities pitting animals against each other to fight for gambling and entertainment purposes, is also strongly encouraged to contact the ACTF.

As of October 1, 2005, the Los Angeles Police Department's Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACTF) became operational. It is requested that anyone who encounters dog fighting, gamecock fighting or other forms of either commercial or extreme cruelty to animals within the City of Los Angeles, contact ACTF detectives at 213-486-0450 or fax information to the ACTF at 213- 486-0411. For off-hour notifications please leave your information, with call back telephone numbers, on the answering machine. Any information regarding these types of crimes will be investigated by the ACTF.

An Animal Cruelty Task Force flyer in English and Spanish is accessible for downloading and copying. To download the flyer in English, click here. To download the flyer in Spanish, click here.

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