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Military Liaison Program

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Senior Lead Officer Ryan White #34506 (

The Military Liaison Program works closely with both Department employees and their families to resolve situations or problems that may arise out of the employee's Military activation. The Military Liaison Officer is dedicated in providing enhanced quality of life services for those serving in the United States Armed Forces National Guard and Reserve. Currently, Officer White and Officer Morales are the Military Liaison Officers.

Mission Statement

The Military Liaison Program is dedicated in providing enhanced quality of life services to Los Angeles Police Department employees and their families who are serving in the United States Armed Forces Reserves.

Military Liaison Program

In response to the large number of Department personnel being called to active Military duty following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Assistant Chief Sharon K. Papa, Chief of Administrative Services recommended the creation of a centralized Department point of contact to assist with issues associated with Military service. Following that recommendation, in April 2003, Chief William J. Bratton ordered the establishment of a Department Military Liaison Program (MLP).

The program is designed to have a "One Call Does It All" Department representative to handle Military related requests for assistance from Department entities, Department employees, employee's family members and the Military. The MLO acts as the employee’s agent between both the Department and the Military to resolve problems that arise from Military service. The type of assistance available through the Military Liaison Program is only limited by the requests themselves. The following list contains a few examples of some of the services available through the MLP: payroll discrepancies (Department/Military), reintegration training, Department assignment/transfer issues, casualty assistance, family emergency notifications and Military personnel locator assistance.

The MLO should be contacted any time a Department entity needs assistance with a Military related issue, an employee or family member needs assistance with any benefits or services involving the Military or Department issues directly or indirectly related to Military service.

The Military Liaison Officer also acts as a liaison between the LAPD and military investigative entities.